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5 Self-Care Rituals That We Should Never Shame Others For

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Self Care Activities & Self Help Tips To Love Yourself More

By Kate Harveston

Although many people participate in self-care practices, there’s still an element of guilt and shame lurking around taking care of yourself.

Everyone’s go-to self-care tactics are different. You might be surprised by a coworker or friend’s habits and react judgmentally.

But it’s crucial to extend acceptance and kindness toward anyone trying to nurture themself.

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Someone saying “no” to a stressful night out or an extra responsibility is likely dealing with enough internal guilt over their choice.

Therefore, your effort to provide support rather than shame is vital.

What other activities can you respond positively to? 

Here are five self-care practices we should never shame each other for.

1. Opting for alone time

Reserving time away from people isn’t an attempt to be unsociable.

Your busy, stressed out friend isn’t trying to snub you by requesting a night alone.

Even many extroverts feel that a certain amount of solitary time is restful.

In our fast-paced culture, people struggle to find time away from distractions to allow themselves to unwind.

But, a moment outside of the usual hubbub of life can offer a new perspective and refresh your mind.

So, respect people’s use of their own time.

2. Getting a new confidence-boosting look

Others might handle their appearance in a way that you don’t with cosmetics, beauty procedures, or new outfits.

But spending a little money to increase self-confidence doesn’t always deserve contempt.

For many people, changing their look is not about vanity, but instead about finding a more positive way to view themselves.

Affirming your identity involves every aspect of yourself, including presentation.

Anything from clothes to hairstyle can substantially enhance a person’s life and mood, so let others be who they want to be!

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3. Trying a self-help book or podcast

Listening to an encouraging self-help resource means someone is working towards improvement and growth.

There’s certainly an ongoing joke that uplifting books and podcasts are a dorky waste of time.

For many people though, they aren’t anything to scoff at. They provide real help.

Embracing self-love is an inner challenge, but it’s even harder when your friends and family are unsupportive.

Reinforce others’ self-esteem and intentional work by backing them wholeheartedly.

4. Taking social media breaks

While social media can help, it also can hinder people who compare themselves to others or lose themselves in the unrealistic expectations that altered photos and statuses set.

But others who notice a social media absence can get critical.

Separating from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be a breath of fresh air.

There are other ways to connect with those who unplug from social media for a while, so reach out to them in real life.

Don’t shame people for detoxing from digital platforms to get in touch with themselves and establish healthy boundaries.

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5. Accepting help from others

Being vulnerable with others requires strength and courage.

So, when someone asks for help and lets another person in, this doesn’t warrant disdain. It isn’t weak to invite others into your life.

Honestly admitting your needs is a bold self-care move, and each person who acknowledges this can use a support system.

Walk alongside someone who’s open to assistance in their situation and guide them to a properly equipped professional.

When you pursue healthy habits, you want encouragement from your family, friends, and coworkers.

As you see others bettering themselves, extend that same kindness and encouragement. Everyone takes care of themselves in different ways, so be the supportive shoulder instead of the critical eye!

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Kate Harveston is a writer who focuses on self-care and self-love. For more of her self-care content, visit her author profile at Unwritten.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.