Are Portia And Ellen Getting Divorced?

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Are Portia And Ellen Getting Divorced?

There are certain couples in Hollywood who we all look up to when it comes to enduring romantic relationships: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell... okay maybe that last one is just on me,but come on, have you see the video they made of Toto's "Africa" when they were on a safari vacation?! Seriously, that right there is a case of serious #couplegoals if I've ever seen them. 

Another couple who seem to exude love and tenderness is Portia De Rossi, 46, and Ellen DeGeneres, 61. When the couple first got together it was hard to peel your eyes away from the sparkling, smiling, blond pair. While on the surface the duo might not seem to have all that much in common with one another, they give the appearance at least of having a relationship that really works, that they really care about. They give off the air of a couple who is committed to doing the hard work necessary to keep a relationship alive and well. 

That's probably why popular news outlets are always reporting that the couple is on the verge of divorce. Separation and divorce rumors have plagued the actress and the talk show host since they first met, and not a lot has changed in that department...until now. New rumors that the couple is heading for divorce are everywhere, and the reasons people are suggesting they might split actually make a lot of sense. While neither Portia nor Ellen has confirmed they are splitting, the signs themselves seem pretty damning. See what you think! Are Portia and Ellen getting divorced?

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1. Portia's New House 

While this couple has remained notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to rumors about their personal life, a few events have transpired over the last several months that have given even those close to the couple reason for pause. If it were just one or two things it might be easy to shake off, but when the evidence is collected things don't look for the plucky couple. 

First up, Portia's new house, that's right, and it's just Portia's. She recently was spotted moving into her new $15 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. This was just days after she was spotted, according to Radar, leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood in tears, where her brother was also snapped comforting the weepy actress. If that doesn't sound like trouble, I don't know what does! 

2. Ellen's California Retreat 

According to multiple sources, Portia's not the only one who 's urrently making major money moves. She recently spent a whopping $27.5 million on a massive estate somewhere in rural California. But the shenanigans don't stop there, here's the kicker: according to the folks at Radar, Portia may have been the last one to know about it:

“People involved in making the deal were gagged by nondisclosure agreements, which may have been to stop them spilling the details to Portia. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is Ellen’s bachelorette pad for rebuilding her life after Portia.”

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3. Kids Are A Dealbreaker 

People close to the couple say that they have had their own spats over the years, but nothing as major as what's been happening now. Like so many other couples, you won't be surprised to learn that the perceived power couple came to loggerheads over whether or not they should have children of their own.

While Portia has pushed for the couple to adopt at least one child, Ellen is rumored to want nothing of the sort. This is why you figure this stuff out before you get married, guys! Could putting her foot down on Portia's baby dreams be the deciding factor that could have led to the couple splitting? Only time will tell! 

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4. Kevin Hart's Tweets

Divorce rumors have plagued Portia and Ellen since almost before they were even married, but there's something about this particular bout of rumors that feels like there might be something behind it, don't you think? Kids are a big deal in a marriage, and can you imagine how you'd react if your partner bought a massive house and kept it a secret from you so they had their own private space? I, for one, would slip my wig. 

All of these mounting tensions can't be easy on the couple, heck, Portia was seen crying in public, so clearly all is not well. But Ellen certainly couldn't have things any better for her or her paramour when she decided to publicly defend comedian Kevin Hart's homophobic tweets. Sources close to the couple say that, and the new property, were the last straws for Portia: 

"They have been at each other’s throats for most of the year, and Portia’s discovery of Ellen’s secret getaway may ultimately be too big a hurdle for them to overcome."

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