Why The 'Sunday Kind Of Love' Is The Best Love

"A love that lasts past Saturday night."

sunday kind of love lasting love

Etta James sang about a Sunday Kind of Love on her 1960 album "At Last!" It’s the exact kind of love everyone should search for — and here's why.

Saturday is when hookups happen. It's the wild night we try to recall the next morning. It is when you leave your front door ready to create a path of destruction.  Saturday night doesn’t care for tomorrow nor does it think about the consequences of that night. It’s about being selfish, which there’s nothing wrong with. Saturday is for the boys. They're for the girls too who are just getting over a rough week.


But Sunday… Sunday is the when the dust settles and you have to figure out who you're with and why it matters. Sunday is being awoken by the beam of light, casting over your face, as you roll over next to a body you didn’t care much for now that you think about it. Sunday isn’t pretty. Yet, it can be so why shouldn’t it be?

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Studies have shown that being in a relationship is healthier than random hookups. This is because emotional intimacy isn’t forged with a stranger you meet on Saturday night. It's formed on Sundays, the days you spend together without all of the excitement.

Now more than ever, society is in a very complex situation of being able to have anyone at the swipe of a fingertip without having to actually put work into a relationship. Swipe left if you’re uninterested in a person or swipe right if you’re digging what their small biography and a few pictures show you.

A big part of this commitment-phobe is the fact that we just can’t seem to keep it in our pants and skirts. That’s OK, too! People are physical creatures. For most of us are biologically wired to want to hook up as it’s in us to want to procreate, to spread our genes to as many family trees as possible. Plus, physical intimacy feels good. There’s nothing wrong with getting drunk on endorphins.

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Everything is at our fingertips and it's easy to fall into the cycle of swiping left and right instead of looking for love.

“He/she doesn't want to hook up with me?”  Unmatch and onto the next one. We lose value in people when we believe they are dispensable.

When we believe that Saturday will always come the next week that’s how the good ones get away.  

This is why a Sunday kind of love is so important. Sunday love says, "I’ve seen you at your Saturday worst, or best depending on who you ask, but I still want to be with you."

Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, Sunday loves are the ones that stay. They’re the ones you roll over to and find a smile tug at your lips. Maybe they’re not your forever person but they’re the one that means the most right now and there isn’t any other place you’d rather be.


Sunday love is what I want.

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Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.