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25 Positive Thinking Quotes & Empowering Life Affirmations To Help You Stay Strong When Life Gets Hard

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When life gets tough, it is easy to start to feel defeated. It is in the exact moment that you start to feel this way that you have two choices to decide between.

Your first option is to give up and let the rough patch break you. Your second option is to hold your head up high and conquer whatever obstacle you are facing with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend choosing the second option.

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If you are stuck wondering how to have a positive outlook when you don’t feel so good about where you are in life, use affirmations. An affirmation is defined as emotional support or encouragement and can be used as the foundation upon which you build a better version of yourself and your life overall. The more you repeat them, the more likely you are to believe them. Believing soon moves you to take the necessary actions to make the words change from just thoughts to reality.

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An affirmation that I find myself saying throughout my day is “I love and approve of myself.” Saying it reminds me that I am comfortable in my own skin no matter what obstacles life throws my way to make me doubt that. It reminds me that as long as I support myself and my decisions, nothing else matters. I am good enough.  

I found an affirmation that works for me, and I challenge you to do the same. Find an affirmation that keeps you going when life gets hard. Feed yourself that positive thought as many times as necessary to help you come out on top.

Listed below are 25 affirmations to live by to get you started on the journey to overcome whatever hardship life throws at you.

1. Keep on keeping on.  

"I was not made to give up." — Unknown

2. Trust that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. 

"I'm not going to rush anything. I'm not going to stress out or worry about how things will work out for me. Instead of overthinking, I will align my faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in my life is making its way towards me right now."  Idil Ahmed

3. Have faith that you will make it to the top. 

"I'm brave enough to climb any mountain." — Unknown

4. All is well. 

"I am grounded. My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am strong, calm, centered, and peaceful. I am able to let go of fear and trust that I am eternally safe. I am worthy of all things beautiful."  Carly Marie

5. Success runs through your veins. 

"Everything I touch is a success." — Unknown

6. Live life on your own terms. 

"I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness." — Unknown

7. You can change your circumstance. 

"I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire." — Unknown

8. Remain calm under pressure. 

"I breathe in calmness & breathe out worry." — Unknown

9. Stop blaming yourself. 

"I forgive myself and set myself free." Louise Hay

10. There is power in positivity. 

"I shall stay calm in moments of stress and anxiety, so as to allow positive thoughts and actions to manifest from me."  Leon Brown

11. You are strong enough to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. 

"I believe in my skills and abilities." — Unknown

12. Think happy thoughts. 

"I release negative thoughts, embracing positivity and optimism." — Unknown

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13. The toughest moments give you the most room to improve. 

"I will continue to learn and grow." — Unknown

14. In the end you will prevail.

"My strength is greater than any struggle." — Unknown

15. Things can only go up from here. 

"Good things are manifesting. Better things are happening. Best things are coming." — Unknown

16. Live an empowered life.  

"All is well in my world. I am enough. I can easily create a life I love. I make positive choices for myself." — Unknown

17. Find gratitude in your challenges. 

"I am grateful for everything in my life. #blessed." — Unknown

18. Learn to be content with where you are right now. 

"I am in exactly the right place and it's getting better and better everyday." — Unknown

19. This is just a part of the learning process. 

"Every experience I have is perfect for my growth." Louise Hay

20. Be grateful, even during the bad times. 

"I am thankful to the universe for everything in my life." — Unknown

21. Don't let this rough patch break you. 

"I'm proud of myself for even daring to try; many people won't even do that!" — Unknown

22. It will all come together in the end. 

"Everything always works out for me." — Unknown

23. This, too, shall pass.

"I can overcome any challenge I face." — Unknown

24. Don't beat yourself up.

"I am kind to myself and all of life." — Unknown

25. You are in control of your life at all times.

"I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself." — Unknown

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