5 Full Moon In Leo Rituals To Do This January 21st To Unleash Your Inner Drama Queen

The supermoon is here with all its usual theatrics!

Full Moon In Leo Rituals To Do This January 21st To Unleash Your Inner Drama Queen getty

The full moon in Leo on January 21st is extra special. For one, it's in the sign of Leo, which rules abundances and all things awesome. And for another, it's a supermoon that will be eclipsed completely by the Sun.

That's a total lunar eclipse for you, and the last one in a string of eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius axis that have been stirring up our collective pot of drama since February 2017! So of course, it's a big day, and one that you shouldn't miss for anything.


Just remember: eclipses mark both a beginning and an end. So, if you want to set an intention, make sure you are okay with things wrapping up before the six-month mark. In short, don't pray for a new relationship on this day.

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Here are 5 full moon rituals that will unleash your inner drama queen and help you be your best.

1. De-clutter your house and give away the treasures you don't need.



Leo is the most fortunate sign of the entire zodiac. But the full moon in Leo happens to be a total lunar eclipse too. If you want to keep those cosmic lines of abundance flowing freeing towards you, spare an hour or two to de-clutter your house and give away the treasures you don't need any longer.

That means empty out that overflowing closet and set aside those clothes that don't "spark joy" in you anymore, including those that still have the tags on them after a year. Because, let's face it, if you haven't gotten around to using them, it's because you weren't really meant to.

Once you have set everything aside, make sure they are in good condition (that's important!). And then give away the good ones, throwing the rest away.

It doesn't matter to whom you pass on your treasures, whether your cousins, colleagues, friends, or even the local shelter. But you must do this if you wish to make space for the right kind of abundance to come your way.


2. Go for a hair spa or a fancy new 'do!

Leos are known for their awesome head of hair. Unleash your inner Leo on this day (even if you are an Aquarius) and book yourself a day at the hair salon. What you do next is up to you and your budget. But a little adventure never hurt anyone.

And don't worry if you are scared of mishaps of the inexperienced-salon-specialist kind. Just get a temporary hairstyle to see if you like the look enough to go for a permanent version.

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3. Meditate over your heart chakra.

Leo rules the heart, so if you like to meditate, do a heart-chakra meditation on the 21st. All you have to do is focus on your sternum (the location of the heart chakra) and imagine a ball of green fire whizzing away merrily over there. Think of all the people you love to get you going if you find it difficult to do so.

You can also plug in your earphones, tune into some music that resonates with this chakra, and then meditate. YouTube has many videos of this kind. You can also find some awesome soundtracks on an app called Insight Timer.

4. Dance!



A Leo supermoon is the perfect time to get your feet moving and jiving to heavy drumbeats and fast tracks. So, bailamos! The faster your heart beats on this day, the stronger your energy will be in the coming months when sticking to your new year's goals.

And why dance alone? Invite your friends over and go hit the club tonight, or dance around a backyard bonfire.

5. Recharge your magical tools.

If you have a few crystals lying about your house collecting dust or have been wearing one for a while because someone gave it to you for good vibes, now's the time to recharge them with energy. Because, yes, crystals are like power banks. They run out eventually.


To do this, place your crystals in a clean spot outside where they can soak up the moonbeams. Leave them overnight and collect the next morning. This works even if the lunar eclipse lasts for a long while and you cannot see the moon until much later.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.