10 Best Mood Board Creators On The Internet

Time to get creative!

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We may fantasize about what our perfect life will look like, but many of us probably haven't gone far enough to take the time and map out a plan. But that's exactly what a mood board does, and you don't need to be crafty.

You can do it online via web sites or apps, and they have a big advantage. Getting a mood board creator gives you easy (and sometimes free) access to all the creative tools you need. And you don't even need art supplies to do it. Here are some of our favorites.


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1. Moodzer​

This website is free (with a paid upgrade option) and it’s so easy to use. Just create your board, dragging and dropping photos and organizing your board via color bursts.


2. Amb-1​

This automatic mood board creator lets you add images to a Dropbox folder and then instantly have them available on the internet to organize your mood board and create your inspiration — instantly.

3. Moodboard Lite


Moodboard Lite is the free version of the bestselling app for creating mood and inspiration boards on your iPad. Each board is a blank canvas for organizing the things that inspire you. Add photos, text, color swatches, and special elements to your boards, then share them with friends and colleagues.

4. Morpholio Board

The app includes smart tools to effortlessly layout, collage, and illustrate your design,or mood boards using “Pins,” furniture, photos, images, sketches, and more.


5. Canva

Sure, we can start from scratch, but this one has thousands of free, ready-made templates and photo grids created by professional designers to get you started. You can edit your photos using ready-to-go filters or get a little more advanced by adjusting brightness and contrast with photo editing tools.

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6. Mural

Based in the cloud, MURAL enables you to research, brainstorm and design ideas that deliver better experiences in less time, no matter where you are in the world. Through a monthly subscription, you get access to large, shared canvases designed to help you and your peers map content, share inspiration and define solutions.

7. Niice​


Search across the best design blogs and galleries online and save items to beautiful, private boards you can share with a link.

8. Style Tiles

Style Tiles is a sort of mood board without defining layout using stylesheets. Making changes in style out of the context of layout takes less time and allows you to work faster.


9. Milanote

This moodboard creator lets you choose from over 50,000 images, or import your own, along with a web clipper that instantly saves images, videos or links to your boards from any website you visit. You can also add videos, animated GIFs, color swatches, PDFs, design files, fonts, and more.


10. Invision Boards

This app lets you create custom mood boards and brand boards, share image galleries, and collaborate on visual designs and creative assets so multiple people can contribute to your board.

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