Who Is Elle Mills? New Details About The YouTuber Who Opened Up About Her Eating Disorder

Who Is Ellie Mills? Details YouTuber Eating Disorder Coming Out Video YouTube 

Elle Mills, 20, recently revealed to her 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube about her struggles with an eating disorder.

In the video she titled “My Weight Loss," Mills said she wrestled with the idea of telling her young and “impressionable” audience about how she really lost the weight. She discusses her eating habits of not eating for up to three weeks then binging and repeating the cycle.


“I don’t want anyone to do what I did,” Mills said.

The video goes into depth of how bad her habits got when it shows Mills crying but not showing her face saying she couldn't even film because she couldn't stand to look at herself.


At first, Mills was never going to address her weight loss but, “the more videos I posted, the more the comments seemed to focus on one subject,” Mills said in her video.

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She continues to say, that “she didn't want to lie about how she was doing it” but also didn’t want to reveal how unhealthily she was losing the weight.

In the end, Mills acknowledged that she understands how “extremely damaging” her method of weight loss was but her biggest point of advice was to tell someone. She is still working on her health and understands that there “are no shortcuts to a healthy lifestyle or recovery”.


Mills rapidly gained popularity on YouTube after her coming out video, “Coming Out (Elle Mills Style),” went viral and now has 4.3 million views. In the video, Mills covers “her entire house in rainbow wrapping paper” while coming out as bisexual to the most important family and friends, Metro reports

Her video style is typically “honest with her fans," which allowed for her to be noticed by her rapid gaining of followers.


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In a video with fellow YouTube and Psychologist, Kati Morton Mills says she “gained a million in a year” and because of this increase in popularity she got shout-outs from other very popular YouTube. Since then she had to take a break from YouTube, struggles with depression and when to say no.

“Each video feels like an entire movie, written, directed, edited and marketed by and starring Mills. Taken together, the videos also tell a coming-of-age story, one that parallels her own life” writes the Washington Post about Mills video style.


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