8 Best Tips And Products For Growing Out A Pixie Cut

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Best tips and products for growing out a pixie

We've all had that Felicity moment where we decide to cut our hair super short — and then freak out, spending the next few years desperately trying to grow it back. Different cuts will, of course, grow in differently, and the pixie hair cut is a pretty intense process. 

Getting regular trims is important, for any cut and any style, if you want healthy hair that will grow and not split off. But after that, it's about embracing volume (and the shag!), and choosing the right products and styling tricks to help you along your journey. So if you're growing out a pixie, there are certain hair products you should use to continue looking fabulous.

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1. Evolis Professional PROMOTE Activator

The évolis PROMOTE Activator has been clinically-proven to accelerate hair growth, lengthening hair when used as directed. An exclusive proprietary blend enhanced with Baobab fortifies to protect and prevent future damage while conditioning and hydrating hair. 

(Evolis Products, $65)

2. RadRitual Foxy Locksy

This is a CBD-infused hair growth serum that is formulated for growing longer, stronger and healthier hair. Blended with castor oil, rosemary extract, Vitamin E and lavender absolute, it nourishes for strength and stimulate circulation.

(Rad Ritual, $45)

3. Kaleidoscope Hair Products Miracle Drops

This 100 percent natural and drug-free hair growth oil revitalizes hair follicles and strengthens weak hair. With ingredients like aloe extract that moisturize the hair and peppermint oil that relieves dryness, itching and promotes hair growth, this hair oil is ideal for people who envy Repunzel’s hair.


4. Pai-Shau Texture Dust

When growing out a pixie hair cut, maintaining styled hair throughout every inch of growth is essential. Be prepared: it can take a while to grow back! Keep that short hair looking voluminous with Pai-Shau Texture Dust, the multi-use, non-aerosol dry spray that amplifies, styles, and refreshes between shampoos.


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5. CHI Deep Brilliance Smooth Edge High Shine & Firm Hold

This edge control product features a non-sticky, non-greasy formula which provides an exceptional shine while offering a slick, flexible hold. Use it to help tame hair as it grows out in areas like your sides and hairline.

(Ulta, $12.50)

6. Vitabrid C¹² HAIR Tonic Professional Set

If you are trying to grow out your pixie hair cut in a jiffy, you can try this tonic from Seoul to speed up the process. Using a proprietary form of Vitamin C, this set stimulates collagen synthesis and scavenges free radicals in the scalp, promoting hair regrowth.

(Barney's, $80)

7. BioSilk Silk Therapy Molding Silk

This lightweight, non-sticky styling paste is formulated with natural silk and styling fibers. It helps to mold the hair in any desired shape and style, while providing a medium hold, enhanced texture and movement. It delivers an endless amount of styling possibilities, too.

(Biosilk, $15)

8. n:p beautiful Beach Spray

When in doubt, just embrace your natural wave. Creating a beachy, tousled texture will help to hide any imperfections and make styling easier. Mist this Beach Spray made with Himalayan sea salt all over and scunch in.


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