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Who Is Chloe Bartoli? New Details About Jared Leto's Rumored Girlfriend

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Who Is Chloe Bartoli? New Details About Jared Leto's New Girlfriend

Who is Chloe Bartoli? Fans of all things Kardashian might remember the name of Chloe Bartoli. In 2015 when Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick were on the outs, Chloe was the woman everyone blamed. Whyfore? Because photos of her and Scott enjoying time together on a yacht in the South of France emerged, and confirmation of Scott's cheating ways were confirmed not long thereafter marking the bitter end of Kourtney and Scott's romantic time together. 

Now Chloe is making the headlines again for hooking up with another dark-haired, blue-eyed celebrity, only this time it's not Scott, it's Hollywood heavyweight and musical magician Jared Leto. That's right, after sharing a few images of herself and Leto together on her Instagram account, tongues are now wagging with speculation that Chloe might just be the future Mrs. Jared Leto, or at the very least, she's the woman he's proud to call his paramour. 

Here's what we know so far about Chloe, her life, her friendships, and what she has planned for the future, so listen up, particularly if you're a die-hard Leto fan who still harbors secret dreams of running away with Jared Leto to the boiler room to make out (*cough cough* me *cough cough*). 

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1. She's a successful Hollywood stylist 


A post shared by CHLOÉ BARTOLI (@chloebartoli) on Oct 6, 2018 at 7:25pm PDT

Chloe and her sister Marielou have their own business working as stylists to everyone who is anyone in young Hollywood. The sisters have dressed people like Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie, just to name a very few of their celebrity clients.

Their star is on the rise in Hollywood, particularly among the younger set because the duo really knows how to make celebs stand out from the crowd wearing young, fresh, edgy styles that celebrate their personalities without the clothing overpowering them. Talk about sartorial prowess! 

2. Her parents are French


A post shared by CHLOÉ BARTOLI (@chloebartoli) on Dec 27, 2018 at 12:59am PST

What is it about French women, am I right? Is it just that they are born knowing how to rock a beret, stay slender, and exude this IDGAF attitude that makes all the dudes come running, tongues dragging? The verdict is still out on that one. 

Whatever French women have, Chloe herself has it in spades! The hip, young stylist was born to French parents, so while she is a proud American, she can also speak totally fluent French! Growing up in her family home in Beverley Hills, Chloe and her family only spoke French around the home. How cool is that? 

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3. She's been romantically linked to Scott Disick 


In 2015, photographs surfaced of Chloe and Scott Disick, erhm, enjoying each other's company in Monte Carlo. Apparently, that wasn't the first time that the duo had enjoyed a quick tryst. In 2006, the couple was actually boyfriend-girlfriend. 

To make matters even more complicated, Chloe was once very close friends with Scott's current girlfriend, Sofia Richie. In fact, Sofia was one of the clients she used to style! Though Chloe and Sofia are still friends, Sofia is now styled by Marielou, though Sofia says that's not because of any sort of friendship schism.

“Me and Sofia are cool,” Chloe told Us Weekly. in June. “She just was more Sofia’s style in the moment, so she went with Sofia and I went more with my other clients,” she explained. “I didn’t have time for everything.”

4. She and Jared have been friends for years 

In some respects, the photos of Chloe and Jared shouldn't be all that shocking because she's actually known the magnetic actor for years and years, first as a celeb who simply came to her to be styled, and then as a true friend with whom she's enjoyed a lot of her free time. 

On October 29th, Chloe shared a photograph of herself and Leto enjoying the sunshine on her Instagram page for all of her friends to enjoy. She also shared a photo with Jared as recently as the beginning of December. Though neither Jared nor Chloe have confirmed that they are official, neither seems to have any problem letting the public at large peep images of them enjoying each other's company. Clearly we're just playing a waiting game when it comes to finding out if they are the real deal. 

5. She's starting her own clothing line 

Being a stylist in Hollywood, especially one who is successful like Chloe, is a real full-time job. In Hollywood, it can also be a stepping stone to creating your own fashion empire (Hello, Rachel Zoe anyone?). Chloe seems to be making tremendous strides professionally, having started her very own clothing line. 

With her sister Marielou (her partner-in-crime when it comes to all things style) she launched the branch Re/Done. This awesome line distinguishes itself from the pack with its distinctive mission. They take old and recycled denim and repurpose it to create fresh, youthful, trendy pieces perfect for most cute-casual pieces with a flare of sophistication. 

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