8 Deep Questions To Ask Yourself To Set The Right Goals For The New Year

Find out what's really important to you.

Deep Questions To Ask Yourself To Set Life Goals & New Year's Resolutions For 2019 unsplash / paige cody

For me, 2018 was a fantastic year in many ways. It was in the name of doing new things, being courageous, and stepping far away from my comfort zone. Both mentally and physically.

But it was also challenging year as there have been intense planetary energies affecting our lives. One of the essential energetic phenomena has been rethinking what is important for us.

What needs to leave our lives?

I know that for many of us 2018 was a year of deep purging and growth. Our lives have been falling apart in unexpected ways. Especially those areas that don’t reflect what we believe deeply inside. Everything false has to go.


Thus, this year may have been very challenging for many people. However, we can always understand the lessons and use challenges as opportunities to grow. 

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One of the best ways to step into the next year is to review what has been working and what hasn't and figure out how to set goals based on that. I have 8 questions for you that you can reflect upon in your journal. There really are powerful, and it creates a different vibe to step into the new year with strong resolutions, foundation, and clarity.

Here, the 8 deep questions to ask yourself to help you set goals for 2019:

1. What have I achieved?

Now is the time to reflect on your wins. Write down what you have achieved regarding outer success but also an inner success.

Don’t be modest here. Paradoxically, this question is difficult for many of us. Often we connect achievement to finances and recognition from others.


But in this exercise, you’re the one who decides what success means to you. It’s only you who knows how much you’ve changed.

2. What kind of person did I have to become to achieve this?

This is a compelling question as it shows you who you had to become to achieve that which you’re proud of.

I want you to write your answers down and then close your eyes and feel into your energy at the moment you made a breakthrough. Remember how the energy feels so that you can always tap into it again.

3. Which goals did I not achieve?

Maybe you’ve changed your goals, and that’s alright. But perhaps there was something that you were postponing far too long and it is still in your mind.


There is a difference between setting the goals that we decide not to pursue because we realize that we actually don’t want and the goals we wanted but failed to achieve.

Then there is this other group of goals and that we wanted so much, but we never began.

So what are the goals that you wanted but either didn’t take the steps, or you failed?

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4. What has stopped me? Why haven’t I achieved what I wanted?

Now comes the moment of truth. Look deep within yourself and think why you haven’t achieved what you’ve wanted.

Often, what stops us is fear and our limiting beliefs that we’re not good enough and that we couldn’t follow through anyway. So we don’t even try.


Yet, admitting this to yourself is the first step to conquer your fears. You have to face them ultimately, so you understand what holds power over you.

5. What are my 5 top goals for 2019?

I want you to stretch yourself a bit and not choose only what is possible and easy to achieve but also something that makes you go out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you can choose to do something that your heart has been asking you for long — like travel, study a new language, learn to dive.

Have at least one goal for 2019 that makes your heart sing. This is essential because that one hobby or a life area has the power to infuse the rest of your life with joy and excitement.


6. How will I feel at the end of 2019 after I’ve achieved my goals?

Close your eyes and imagine how you will feel when you’ve achieved your goals. Feel that moment when you’re sitting with friends or family and thinking back how many amazing things you’ve accomplished.

7. Who do I have to become in order to achieve my goals?

What kind of person do you have to become?

Which version of you can achieve your goals and vision?

Again, feel that energy fully and remember it. If you can, and you feel inspired enough to record a message on your phone for your future self to remind you what kind of person you need to be.


You can listen to it when you don’t feel inspired, and it will give you strength.

8. What would need to happen, so I stay on track?

Think about what you need so you feel supported while achieving your goals. Maybe you need a new morning routine to stay on track. Or support of a friend.

Then ask yourself if there is something that needs to change in your life so you can become the best version of yourself.


I hope that these questions have brought you clarity and inspired you!

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Sylvia Salow is an author, public speaker, and a life coach encouraging people to grow into their potential by moving past any fears and mind limitations so they can create life which they deeply desire. You can join her Free Monthly Challenges here and watch her TEDx talk on How to Find Your Life Purpose.