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Mysterious New Details About The Mother Of Four Who Went Missing After Leaving A Gas Station

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Who Is Brianna Vibert? Details Missing Michigan Mother Disappeared After

A Michigan mother of four hasn't been seen in over a year. 

Brianna Vibert, 24, disappeared during the early morning hours of July 15, 2017, after she left a gas station in Flint, Michigan. Before her disappearance, Vibert left her home after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. 

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Laura Nail, the current girlfriend of Vibert's ex-husband, said that Vibert's boyfriend claimed she was screaming and throwing things during the argument. She was supposedly angry because her four children weren't able to visit because her house lacked running water from a broken well.

After she left her home, she was seen at two different gas stations. One of them, she frequented often to charge her phone and use the restroom. 

Vibert was seen on surveillance video at that gas station looking "panicked" and "anxious," according to Nail. She also had blood on the inside of her right forearm, which her boyfriend claimed happened after she cut herself during their argument. 

She then reportedly asked a man who a ride to a restaurant and left with him. They reportedly went to a local adult entertainment club where she used to work as a shot girl.

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Employees told Nail she arrived in "pretty bad shape," and left with the man who brought her there. Vibert was last seen at a Mobile gas station around 3 a.m. Surveillance videos show her holding onto shelves for balance and walking in the parking lot with the man who had given her multiple rides that evening.

Vibert hasn't been seen since — but her bag was found in a ditch not far from her home days later.

Vibert's mother, Bobbi Jo Stone, has said she fears her daughter was taken against her will. She told CrimeOnline that Vibert had a "very tenuous stressful relationship" with her boyfriend which included physical abuse. She had also had been re-engaging with some "problematic" friends. 

“Oftentimes when her friends would reach out to offer her assistance he would threaten them with bodily harm if they helped her,” Stone said. "She also had reconnected with some people from her past that were abusive and manipulative to her and she struggled with her relationship with those individuals.”

Stone also said that the man Vibert was riding around with that night — who has not been named — had her cell phone for six days after she went missing. That man has been cleared as a suspect in her disappearance. 

Vibert was described as standing 5-foot-9, weighing 140 pounds, with a pierced nose and ears, and “family” tattooed on her right shoulder and tattoos on both wrists. Anyone with information regarding Brianna Vibert’s whereabouts can call Detective Hart with Flint Township police at 810-600-3250 or Crime Stoppers at 10-800-422-JAIL.

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