Who Is Tucker Roberts? Details About Olivia Munn's Reported New Boyfriend, Including Their 10-Year Age Difference

The actress has a new man!

Who Is Olivia Munn's Boyfriend Tucker Roberts? Details About Their New Relationship instagram / comcast

It seems like Olivia Munn has finally moved on from her much-publicized relationship with football player Aaron Rodgers.

The actress was seen enjoying a day out shopping this weekend and holding hands with a new mystery man, whose name has now been revealed. Munn's new boyfriend is Tucker Roberts. 

Munn first subtly opened up about their relationship in a December 2018 interview with Entertainment Tonight, telling the interviewer that she was, in fact, dating someone — though she wouldn't say who.


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Munn and Roberts' shopping date seemed pretty low-key and fans were surprised to learn that the actress had a new boyfriend, especially since her last relationship was so widely scrutinized.


So who is Tucker Roberts? Here are some details about Olivia Munn's reported new boyfriend.

1. Roberts graduated from Wharton School of Business.

He attended the prestigious business school at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management. Though a profile of Roberts indicated that he intended to pursue finance after graduation, the Recession helped him decide to move to California, where he started working for game developer Electronic Arts.

2. Robert's family are the founders of television company Comcast.

His grandfather is Ralph Roberts, who founded global media conglomerate Comcast in 1963. Brian Roberts, who is Tucker's father, is Comcast's current CEO. In 1990, he became the company's president. His net worth is reported to be $1.7 billion.

Both Brian and Ralph also attended Wharton.


3. Roberts is the president of Philadelphia's esports team.

In January 2018, Munn's new boyfriend became the president of Philadelphia Fusion. Fusion is an esports team that's owned by Comcast. He joined the company in September 2017 as a strategic advisor.

In an interview, Roberts said that he thought esports would be "the future of sports for millennials". Esports is the business of competitive video gaming. Fans pay to watch the participators in an arena on a big screen. Sometimes, games are even televised. 

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4. They haven't gone Instagram official.

Munn and Roberts were spotted out together for the very first time this weekend. They were first seen together on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. The actress and Roberts were seen once again on Monday shopping together and this time they were holding hands, sparking rumors that they are in a relationship. 

However, neither Munn nor Roberts has made their coupling social media official. Munn hasn't shared any photos of her new boo Roberts on her Instagram page and Roberts seems to keep his social media somewhat on the down-low. He does have a Twitter page, but hasn't mentioned the actress on it at all yet and his Instagram is set to private.

5. They both love video games.

It may just be a budding relationship, but Munn and Roberts seem to have one big thing in common. They both share a passion for gaming. Roberts is obviously a huge video game fan since all of his jobs have involved doing something in the gaming industry. He even once stated that his favorite game as a teenager was Star Wars Galaxies

Munn herself is also an enormous video game fan. Back in 2007, the actress worked for the G4 network, which is a channel based around video games, as the co-host for Attack Of The Show. Munn worked as a co-host on the show for four years.


The actress has also openly expressed her love for video games in interviews. She once said, "I get so addicted to video games. I get really focused in on it and I cannot live the rest of my life. So If I get into any kind of first person shooter game, I'm done and you won't see me. I'll skip meetings and stuff to sit in and work on my video games." 

6. He's a cat lover.

If there's any indication that Munn's newest boyfriend is a keeper, it would be that he appears to be an animal lover. Roberts has a cat named Luke Skywhisker. On his Twitter page, he labels himself as a "cat dad." And Roberts seems to take his job as cat dad to the adorable feline quite seriously, as he recently celebrated the cat's birthday on Twitter.

7. They have a 10-year age difference.

The actress and her new beau have an age gap of 10 years between them. Munn is 38, while Roberts is 28.


Age appears to just be a number for the new couple, however. A source reportedly told ET that Munn and Roberts seemed to have no problem indulging in a little PDA during their shopping outing. According to the source, they were, “holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, hugging, and one point, Tucker put his arm around her. They were very comfortable with one another." 

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