Who Is Alex Acosta's Wife? New Details On Jan Acosta

They live in Miami.

Who Is Alex Acosta's Wife? New Details On Jan Acosta getty

Since Donald Trump was elected, Alex Acosta has served as the U.S. Secretary of Labor, appointed in February of last year. He’s the first and only Hispanic individual to serve in Trump’s cabinet, but was previously appointed to the National Labor Relations Board under President George W. Bush.

Prior to this, he was Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and was the federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida. He’s also the former dean of Florida International University College of Law.


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In addition to his achievements, he’s also been named one of the nation’s 50 most influential Hispanics by Hispanic Business magazine, and was also added to the list of 100 most influential individuals in business ethics in 2008, according to his White House biography.

But whether or not you know his experience in politics, you may have heard his name in the news a lot lately. Because most recently and notoriously, he was accused of being too lenient and letting billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who is also a friend of Trump’s, off the hook for allegedly sexually assaulting minors.


Acosta approved Epstein’s plea of 13 months in jail, despite an indictment that could have landed him in prison for life, while serving as a U.S. Attorney, leading to calls for investigation and Acosta’s resignation. It’s highly conspicuous, seeing as how the Labor Secretary oversees international child labor laws and human trafficking!

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But out of the spotlight, what do we know about his family? Specifically, who is Alex Acosta’s wife? Here are 4 small details to know about Jan Acosta, their relationship, and the life they’ve built together.


1. They have two children.

The couple has been married for quite some time and are parents to two young daughters.

2. She’s incredibly supportive of her husband.

In most public appearances made by Acosta, you’ll see his wife standing by his side. When he accepted the presidential commission and when he was sworn in as Labor Secretary, she was right beside him.


3. They live in Miami.

The two have a primary residence in Miami, Florida.

4. Their net worth is quite modest.

According to his finances, Acosta has a net worth of $400,000. His assets include “basic investment and retirement accounts worth a total of between $400,000 and $950,000.”

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