How To Mask Your Feelings For Him, By Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology

You don't want to freak him out when you need him so much.

How To Mask Your Feelings For Him, By Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology pexels

We all have that one thing we can’t stop doing or thinking about and it affects the way you feel.

Those feelings might trigger strong feelings of insecurity and you may not want the man you love to know what's going on inside of you.

Feelings can be so strong that they can come across unattractively, and you certainly don't want to do that with the exact person you are trying to attract.

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As a Cancer, I am known to be pessimistic and suspicious. I find myself jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst all the time, even when I try not to.

This could be problematic in my relationships with men since I am constantly suspicious of their behavior. I had to learn how to hide my feelings. I'm not proud of this part of me.

When you’re just getting to know someone, it is easy to try and hide your feelings and the uglier parts of yourself.



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You worry that if you show the real you that they will find something they don’t like and run away as fast as possible. You smile and pretend that you are perfectly put together. Perfectly normal.

As time goes by, you find it harder and harder to not show your true colors as you get more comfortable being in his presence. Even though he should be able to love all sides of you, including your obsessive side I understand the need to feel like hiding how you feel.

Obsessions can range from eating sweets to constantly cleaning to excessively working out. Whatever your obsession is, there is a way to hide  it while you are in front of him.


If you are unsure of what your obsession might be, reading through your zodiac sign description can help you get an idea of what you are constantly thinking about or doing. Knowing is half the battle.

Once you know, you can take the necessary steps to overcome your obsession, even if it is only when you are around your special guy. These steps can include avoiding certain topics, keeping your hands occupied, or putting away your phone.


You will become so good at finding ways to hide from him that by the time you finally can’t help but to show him your obsession it will be too late. He will already be head over heels in love and he will praise you for hiding the obsession as good as you did.

Here's how to hide just how much you feel when the emotions of love become too much, per astrology by your zodiac sign.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)


As an Aries you love competition. There is something about beating your opponent that makes you happy. Your need to be first all the time can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

 You can hide this from the guy you’re talking to by pretending you’re happy when he wins. If you’ll go to an arcade or other places that allow you to be competitive, don’t become impatient or angry when you aren’t in the lead.

Simply take a deep breath, smile, put your game face on and respond with playful banter.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)


Touch is extremely important to you, so your hands are always at work. You are sensual beyond most people’s wildest dreams, and you won’t hesitate to touch things that you find attractive.

Because you don’t want to come off as being too touchy, it would help for you to keep your hands busy whenever possible.

Perhaps you can sit on your hands when appropriate or partake in normal activities such as eating or playing with different objects to help resist your urge to constantly touch him.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)


You live for excitement. Therefore, you are spontaneous and obsessed with finding new thrills. It is hard for you to go on routine dates with a guy no matter how nice and romantic they might be. You will find yourself going crazy.

When you like a guy, it wouldn’t be unlike you to show up at his place unannounced or attempt to randomly drag him to a new city. He might not be used to this behavior, so to hide your obsession you can let him plan things often.

Even if he wouldn’t be the type to do something off the walls, you can always text him a list of things you’ve always wanted to try and then let him pick a few.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)


Cancers can become very attached to the people around them. Once this happens, as a Cancer woman you struggle to control your motherly instincts. You will feel the need to take care of your partner no matter the strain it might cause you.

You are obsessed with making sure he is safe and will try to protect him from everything as if he is your child. This may include you constantly texting him to see where he is or warning him about the dangers of participating in certain activities.  

Try to remember that he is grown and that he is indeed a man. Have adult conversations with him to remind yourself of this. You can still express your worries and show that you care for him without scolding him and being overbearing. Delivery is everything.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

A Leo woman loves being treated like a queen. This means you get satisfaction from buying and receiving expensive things and knowing that you are being admired. Appearance means everything to you and therefore you expect your partner to match your queen tendencies.

You will be tempted to pick out his outfits and constantly talk about his looks. Switch things up by complimenting his outfit even if it isn’t something you would have put together. You should try to find joy in the simple things to hide your obsession.


Go to places and spend time with people that don’t require you to be fancy all the time. Spend the day at a thrift store or go to a neighborhood restaurant. Try to cut your spending whenever you go out. Allow yourself to look beyond the materialistic things in life.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

It’s all in the details for you. You have a strong need to fix everything and it is hard to stop you once you get started. You don’t like it when things look out of order, so you will take it upon yourself to clean and rearrange things even if it isn’t your personal space.


If it were up to you, you would always cook, clean and iron amongst other things for your partner. This makes you feel at ease because you have complete control over how things taste, look and feel.

So, when you are at his place he is more likely to notice your obsession. Stay calm. Just because things seem out of place to you doesn’t mean he thinks the same way.

So even when you think about making a move, don’t. Don’t get up to cook or do the dishes unless he asks for help. Practice being ok with not being in control all the time.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)


As a Libra you are obsessed with balance. You believe that everyone should be equal and because of this you are constantly fighting against injustices. Any chance you get, you talk about how unfairly people are being treated all around the world.

You are so focused on what is going on in the outside world that you avoid the problems right in front of you. When you are spending time with your guy, allow him to talk about things that interest him.

Keep the conversation light and stay away from politics if possible. This will stop you from going into serious mode as you normally do when talking about inequality.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)


Scorpios are know-it-alls. You have to be right about everything. If you aren’t right, believe that the world is falling apart because there is just no way you can be wrong. With you there is no being unsure or indecisive.

You will research for as long as needed to get to the truth. When it comes to the guy you’re dealing with, avoid throwing facts in his face. Even when you know he is wrong, don’t be so quick to call him out on it.

This will be easier to do if you keep electronics away from you while spending time with him. You won’t be able to research the topic at hand to prove your point.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

You are as curious as they come. As a Sagittarius you enjoy philosophy and can’t help but to be in constant search of the true meaning of life. You will do this by any means necessary.

This includes constantly reading and traveling to find out more about different cultures. Because figuring out the meaning of life is different for every person, you can’t help but to question everyone you meet about their life including your guy.


There are no boundaries to the amount of questions you ask and how intimate they might be. You are just concerned with using the answers to test your theories.

If you can watch his facial expressions so you know when are coming close to asking too many questions. You can also put away all of the open philosophy books spread out on your floor before you invite him over.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)


Capricorn’s have a big appreciation for quality craftmanship. You are known to like traditions and can’t help but to practice this in your everyday life. You believe that the past helps to shape the future, and you always want to know what the future has in store for you.

Therefore, you are obsessed with fortune tellers, zodiac signs and anything else that can predict future behavior. When you are around him, spend less time trying to compare him to what you read about his zodiac traits and focus on his current actions.

You should also refrain from expecting the worse from him based on what your reading for the month is.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)


As an Aquarius you are obsessed with having intellectual conversation. If you don’t feel that your mind is being stimulated, then you are instantly bored. This causes you to miss out on a lot of potential friendships because you can’t hold a light conversation.

You would prefer to talk about politics and other serious topics that get your ideas flowing. Make a list of other topics that are light and fun to talk about like sports or other things he might like and find a way to make them interesting to you.

This way when you talk to him even though it might not be mentally stimulating to you, you can show him that you know how to be down to earth.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

A Pisces is known for wanting to escape reality sometimes. There is something about living in the here and now day after day that doesn’t appeal to you. This mindset is accompanied by unhealthy behaviors.


You will sometimes turn to activities such as smoking or drinking because they allow you to escape. If you aren’t doing this then you are likely to daydream, watch movies or do anything else that takes your mind off of being where you are.

To hide this from the guy you like, participate in activities with him that force you to be actively engaged. Try your hardest to at least find a few things about the present you like and share them with him.

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