Should You Date Him If He Doesn't Believe In Astrology (And You Do)

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Should You Date Him If He Doesn't Believe In Astrology (And You Do)

Like in many relationships, there are "deal breakers;" things that we are not willing to compromise in the relationship.

One of these many deal breakers is the belief in astrology.

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For some people, believing in astrology or zodiac sign personality traits is an important factor in determining if the guy is worth dating or even talking to at the bar. 

Learning how other people feel and logic will help you become more empathetic as a person. If you do decide to take this advice, be warned that it is not going to be easy.

To hear how people are either indifferent or do or do not believe in astrology can be challenging because we innately want to be always right and feel secure in our beliefs.

It is more empowering when others seek and want to hear the oppositional side to their beliefs.

It shows that you care and want to be educated to understand others.

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I believe that you should give the person a chance, even if he doesn't believe in zodiac signs. Like other belief systems; religion, it should not be a deal breaker in going on a date with them because it is a great way to get perspective of how other people feel about the topic.

Going on a date is also a time where you can share your ideas and reasons for believing. However, it does not work if either one of you is arguing about why or why not you should believe in horoscopes, zodiac signs, or planet energy.

It takes a great sense of maturity to create a healthy conversation. Sharing and learning each other's quirks and perspective on life is what makes going on dates and finding a love worth it.

In society today, many people of different races, beliefs, and political views end up together, married, and having kids. We should not be afraid to be with others who have different views on life.

Instead, we should embrace differences so that we as a society be able to learn and grow on how people view the world. 

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Jonathan Mui is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.