How Did Devin Lima Die? Sad Details About The 41-Year-Old LFO Singer’s Death

The member of the iconic 90s band will be missed.

How Did Devin Lima Die? Sad Details About The 41-Year-Old LFO Singer’s Death instagram

Devin Lima, one-third of the popular 90's boy band LFO, reportedly passed away on November 21, 2018. He was 41 years old.

LFO, which also included original members Brad Fischetti and Rich Cronin, was best known for their 1999 hit “Summer Girls.”

Despite not finding quite the same mainstream success since the late 90s, the band was still active in 2018. They released a song called “Perfect 10” in the summer of 2017. The band recorded two albums together.


How did Devin Lima die?

1. Lima had stage 4 adrenal cancer.

In October 2017, Lima had surgery to remove a football-sized tumor from his adrenal gland. At first, Lima's prognosis was reportedly good. However, doctors tested the tumor and found it to be malignant and he was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal cancer. Shortly after the tumor was removed, it was reported that Lima would undergo chemotherapy.  

In a video interview with 2017 after his diagnosis, Lima revealed that despite the tumor's massive size, he didn't have any real symptoms until a few weeks before going to the hospital. "It looked like an octopus," Lima said about the tumor. 


"He's had a tough recovery," Lima's bandmate Fischetti said in a YouTube video about Lima's condition. "It's like a one in a million cancer. They consider it stage 4 because it invaded another organ — his kidney." 

Lima's fight lasted for a year.


2. He’s the second LFO band member to lose a battle to cancer.

Cronin, an original member of the band, passed away in 2010 at 36 years old after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in 2005.

"He fought hard, man. He beat leukemia twice. And beat a stroke," Fischetti told Entertainment Weekly after Cronin's death. "He was a fighter.”

3. LFO planned on touring in 2018.

After reuniting to record “Perfect 10” in 2017, Lima and Fischetti planned on going on tour in the spring of 2018. Those plans were soon canceled after Lima’s diagnosis.

4. Fischetti is the last surviving original LFO member.

For the second time, Fischetti watched a bandmate battle cancer. In the 2017 video update about Lima’s surgery in 2017, he said about the results of the surgery, “It’s devastating news but at the same time, there’s nobody I know stronger than Devin Lima. No one has a stronger body, mind or soul and if anybody can defeat this, it’s Devin.”


5. Fans have expressed their sympathy.

Although Lima has been in and out of the public eye, fans have taken to Twitter to reflect on their memories of Lima and LFO.

Others mentioned how coincidental it is that two members of LFO lost battles with cancer at a young age.


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