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5 Rituals To Do This Full Moon In Gemini To Supercharge Your Communication Style

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Rituals To Do This Full Moon In Gemini To Supercharge Your Communication Style

This November 22nd, be prepared to witness a cosmic event of extraordinary proportions: a beautiful full moon lighting up the night sky on Thanksgiving Day! Could the universe get any more inviting than this? We don't think so.

So what can you expect during this full moon in Gemini? A lot of gabbing, of course. So be prepared to talk up a storm with your near and dear ones as you all eat and be merry.

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But before you get too excited, there's some bad news for you. This month's full moon is on a warpath with Mars and Jupiter. So don't be surprised if your tongue wags a lot more on this fateful night than it usually does.

You might even find yourself spewing a lot of hateful things about your least-favorite cousin or aunt. But don't despair. These alignments in astrology are such that you will only speak the truth this night by performing a full moon ritual.

So are you prepared to open up those communication lines and pour out your heart and soul? We shall see.

1. Write, write, and write some more.

The moon will effectively reach its peak after 12:39 AM EST. So we recommend you do this ritual the next day once you have slept off the languor of an overstuffed belly.

To do this, sit down somewhere quiet with a pen and journal. Don't put on music. Allow the peace and silence to seep into you. And then start writing. No censoring, no judgments — just write, write, and write some more until you have exhausted yourself.

The first few paragraphs might be gibberish and nursery rhymes, but when you re-read your words, you will be stunned by your own wisdom. This is called automatic writing and it gives free rein to your intuition.

2. Brew yourself some full moon water.

Nope, no pots and pans required for this. Just a transparent glass of water covered with some cling film and the light of the full moon.

All you have to do for this full moon ritual is take this glass outside and leave it overnight after the moon has reached its peak. Make sure to set it where it can seep in direct moonlight. And then drink the water the next morning.

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It will be infused with the spiritual energy of the full moon and will taste different to you, even though you filled the glass with regular water you drink every day. And it will be different. It will purify you from within, both physically and spiritually.

3. Take a moon water bath.

There are two ways you can do this ritual. The first is to take a bath in a natural water spring at the crack of dawn after the full moon night. (Please do so with caution and safety in mind!) Or, you can prepare some extra moon water (as mentioned above) and pour it into a tub after you have filled it up with normal water.

The more moon water you add to your bath, the stronger will be its detoxifying effect on your body and aura. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to this bath and enjoy a pamper session. Just make sure the oils you choose have a calming effect on you.

4. Gab it up with your favorite person.

If that's your boo, spend some extra time tonight with them, talking about everything and nothing. And if you are single, spend time with your favorite cousin, discussing life and your dreams.

It's Thanksgiving Day with a Gemini full moon, after all. Might as well strengthen your bonds with those who are family but feel more like best friends.

5. Ditch the malls when you do your holiday shopping.

The energy of Gemini is all about connecting with those in your tribe. So do right by your local businesses as you go about your holiday shopping this year. It might not be a ritual, but it will win you many blessings.

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