Who Is Jon Tester's Wife? New Details On Sharla Tester

They live on a farm in the state and have been organic since the 1980s.

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After winning a seat in the Senate in 2006, serving the state of Montana, Jon Tester narrowly won re-election in 2012, and again in the recent 2018 midterm elections. He previously served in the Montana Senate, and also worked as a music teacher and farmer.

Considered a moderate Democrat, he sides with most of his colleagues’ viewpoints. He supports abortion rights, stem cell research, voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He voted against the DREAM Act in 2010, but later criticized the president for threatening to cancel DACA, saying, “I don't support what the president did. I think it's ill-informed, I think it rips families apart, and it's not what this country stands for. I support comprehensive immigration reform.”


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Unlike his fellow Democratic Senators, however, he is a gun owner, and supports looser gun restrictions, even voting against a bill that would require background checks for guns purchased at shows or online. But he did vote for a proposal to ban gun sales to individuals on the terror watch list. Because, common sense.


But what about his personal life? Does his family support his moderate views? Who is Jon Tester’s wife? Here are 4 things to know about Sharla Tester.

1. They are high school sweethearts.

Both are from Montana, and when he spotted Sharla sitting in a church pew, well, the rest is history. The two wed in 1978 during Jon’s senior year of college.


2. They have two kids.



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The couple are parents to two grown adults: daughter Christine, born in 1980, and son Shon, born in 1985. They also have three grandchildren from Christine.

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3. They live on a farm.

Tester is the Senate’s only active farmer, so it’s no wonder his family lives on an 1,800-acre ranch outside Big Sandy, Montana. He grew up there, and his grandparents homesteaded it a century ago. There’s also a butcher shop on the property, and the home the family built as well. Sharla is his farming partner.


4. They are very particular about their meat.

And Tester even brings meat with him to Washington! “Taking meat with us is just something that we do. We like our own meat,” he’s said. The family lugs the meat with them all over, including a family reunion that occurred in Hawaii. They also take barley, lentils, wheat, peas, and other crops with them.

But why? Simply: it’s what they prefer, especially after Tester grew up this way. “Montana has been known for its wheat and beef forever, and everybody just eats their own... Jon shoots it and guts it, and we both bone it, and I do all the wrapping,” Sharla said.


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