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Who Is Busy Philipps' Husband? New Details About Marc Silverstein

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Who is Busy Philipps Husband?

Busy Philipps is a national treasure. Whether it is her social media feeds, interviews with her, her new memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little or her brand new E! network talk show Busy Tonight, when she opens her mouth, amazing things come out. She's been in the news a lot more lately due to her book and talk show and we're learning more about her life and career. One thing that has come to light is her relationship with her husband and the various tests and trials they've faced over the years. Who is Busy Philipps' husband?

1. He's a screenwriter

Busy has been married to Marc Silverstein since 2007. He is a screenwriter known for co-writing romantic comedies including Never Been Kissed, He's Just Not That Into You, How to Be Single, The Vow and Valentine's Day. He also co-directed the Amy Schumer film I Feel Pretty. 


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2. He's a romantic

In a 2010 interview with OK!, Busy revealed her husband's most romantic gesture. When they got married, he drew up a legally binding contract. In Busy's own words:“He did do something really romantic — he drew up a contract that says he will never break my heart. He had it all drawn up and notarized so it’s legal and he had it framed and hung it on the wall. So if we’re arguing I can say, ‘Um, excuse me, can I just point out what’s hanging above the mantel!" He also incorporated some of their wedding vows into the script for The Vow, which surprised Busy when she saw the film. 


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3. He didn't take easily to being a dad

Busy and Marc have two daughters, 10-year-old Birdie and 5-year-old Cricket. In the November issue of Parents magazine, the 39-year-old actress revealed that when Birdie was born, Marc wasn't the most supportive parent. Busy felt like a single parent. “He was not understanding how to be a dad and, in fact, didn’t try. I was parenting by myself,” Philipps recalled. “When I told him I wanted to have a second child, he said, ‘Fine, but it’s all on you.’ That was so heartbreaking. Marriage is always hard, but especially when you have kids. You’re going to go through periods when you’re not into it, but there always has to be one person willing to fight. I went to Marc several times and said, ‘I cannot do this anymore. Something has to change, and it’s you.’"


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4. She almost divorced him

Marc's initial attitude to parenting hurt their marriage. In her memoir, Busy reveals that she had an emotional affair with another man and almost divorced Silverstein. She wrote: "There was a man I was friends with, another dad. We’d been having lunch and stuff. Texting. Talking on the phone a lot, Honestly, I had a crush on him. I like him. Maybe I even loved him? He clearly liked me too. Marc was still going to his Lakers games and to watch football with his friends on Sundays,' she writes and admits she almost left Marc at that time after feeling like she was 'going to lose her mind' from the pressures of being a mom." Shortly after the presidential election in 2016 and some time after she had began her emotional affair, she worked up the courage to tell Marc she wanted a divorce. Her husband was shocked and asked her to give him a chance to change. It was her best friend and fellow Dawson's Creek alum Michelle Williams who convinced her to work on her marriage. 


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5. He's really really into SoulCycle

Last month, Busy revealed that her husband has taken 1000 SoulCycle classes over five years. That's 200 classes a year, 17 classes a month, 4 a week. To mark the occasion, Busy took to Instagram and posted a video in which she said: "So guys I’m going to SoulCycle right now with Marc because today is Marc’s 1000th class of SoulCycle. He’s taken 1,000 SoulCycle classes and I’m going." That's about $30,000 worth of SoulCycle classes. Busy is a fitness fanatic as well. She takes LEKfit classes. LEKfit is a dance-cardio workout created by celebrity trainer, Lauren Kleban. Busy has taken 460 LEKfit classes in the last two-and-a-half years — which works out to be more than the average number of SoulCycle classes her husband takes each week. 


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