How To Tell If He's In Love With You, According To His Zodiac Sign

Does he like you or not?

How To Tell If He Likes You According To His Zodiac Sign Getty 

He says he likes you — but is he being honest? With some guys, it can be really hard to tell.

Sometimes, a guy will act like he’s not that into you, but for some reason, he keeps coming around. Could he like you more than he’s letting on?

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It can be really frustrating to try and read a guy’s mind, especially when you’re eager to take things to the next level.


If you want to know for sure, all it takes is a deep dive into his zodiac sign.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Check out the video below to find out if he really likes you, according to his zodiac sign.​

Want more answers? We’ve got em’! Here are a few more signs that your guy is more into you than he lets on.


1. He spends quality time with you.

2. He does his research to find out what you like.

3. He tells you with his body language.

4. There is awkwardness.

5. You meet the important people in his life.

6. He shows his imperfections.7. He puts away his phone when you are around.

8. He focuses on you.9. He puts in the extra effort.

10. He's inquisitive.11. He offers reassurance to let you know he cares for you.12. He pays attention to what is important to you.


13. You will feel it.

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