Heartbreaking Details About The Mother Who Killed Her Children To Protect Them From Her Abusive Husband

Two of her three children died.

Heartbreaking Details About The Mother Who Killed Her Children To Protect Them From Her Abusive Husband getty

An Oklahoma woman was arrested after police say she murdered two of her three children. 

Amy Leann Hall, 39, fatally shot her son, 18-year-old Kayson Toliver, while he was asleep in his bed. She then walked down the hall to 16-year-old Kloee Toliver's room and started shooting her. 

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Hall also shot her 14-year-old daughter, whose name is currently being withheld, as she was sleeping in the same room as Kayson. The bullets grazed her neck and head area, and she was able to escape to the bathroom. 

Miraculously, the 14-year-old was able to convince her mother to stop shooting and put the gun down. 


“She kind of talked [Hall] down,” Okmulgee County sheriff’s investigator Duston Todd said. He described the shooting as a “spur-of-the-moment thing.” 

“That is heroic to face somebody like that who tried to kill you.”

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A friend who was sleeping over and also sleeping in Kayson's room called the police around 6:30 a.m. Hall fled the scene and led police on a high-speed chase for four miles until she was finally arrested. 

She went on to tell police that she murdered her children in order to protect them from her abusive, estranged husband. 


Hall said she had planned to kill all three of her children but the 14-year-old "interrupted her plans." 

Though the heroic youngest child was released from the hospital this past Thursday, Kloee Toliver was declared brain dead on Monday and succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday. 

Her organs will reportedly be donated to eight people. 


Hall was charged with first-degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent. She was given an additional first-degree murder charge after Kloee died. 

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