20 Best Face Masks For Acne

Get the smooth skin you've always wanted.

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If you are suffering from acne, we can all agree it's the absolute worst. You should be cleansing regularly and avoiding makeup that clogs your pores, but having options for the best face mask for acne can go a long way.

Look for those that are antimicrobial, help kill acne-causing bacteria, or have anti-inflammatory properties. Other good bets are those that are soothing and will gently exfoliate without adding any additional redness and irritation.


Masks are the best "medicine" ever because they force you to take a few minutes just for you, feel good, and will leave you looking and feeling better. So why not check out some choices to help you get there?

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1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Deep-Clean Mask 


In just 60 seconds it transforms dull, tired skin and gives it a luminous spa-like glow. Mineral-rich, deep-cleansing sea salts help naturally purify and detoxify while marine extracts and vitamin E help smooth the look of skin. The result is visibly healthier, softer skin after just one use.

(Nordstrom, $25)

2. Ecococo Coconut + Sea Salt Face Mask


Made from Coconut Oil and Sea Salt, which work together to cleanse and remove toxins from your skin. Use to exfoliate, purify, balance and nourish while leaving your skin with a luminous, hydrated glow.

(Ecococo, $23)

3. Rael Fresh Forward Sheet Mask with Tea Tree Oil

This purifying face mask is infused with tea tree oil to aid oily skin with natural antioxidant and antiseptic ingredients. It purifies skin by fighting blackheads and dirt, clearing clogged pores while leaving skin feeling refreshed and polished. Other ingredients include chamomile extracts to help calm and soothe skin, and centella asiatica extracts to help generate collagen synthesis.



4. So Fresh So Clean Powerful Peel-Off Black Mask

Fresh So Clean Powerful Peel-Off Black Mask is a gel-based mask that reaches deep within the pores to dissolve and dislodge the build-up of impurities. The formula contains charcoal that acts as a magnet to gently draw out deep dwelling dirt, green Tea and Witch Hazel help to unclog pores, and cucumber and chamomile help to condition and soothe skin.


(Walmart, $6.88)

5. 100% PURE Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Made with a naturally antibacterial sustainable bamboo cloth, this skin clarifying mask is formulated with salicylic acid to help unclog pores. Tea tree, parsley, and rosemary work to purify skin, lessen acne and prevent scarring, while seaweed and basil detoxify. The mask also hydrates skin with plant ceramides and hyaluronic acid.



6. NAVA JUNGOL Detoxifying Jungle Mask

This blend of raw honey, clay and pure plant oils infuses skin with active enzymes and nourishing flora to restore radiance. Black cumin clarifies pores and boosts skin's health as turmeric and clove promote cell turnover and reduce inflammation. Sage and pomegranate revive dull complexions by detoxifying and stimulating circulation. 


(Taila Skincare, $68)

7. Gabriel Cosmetics Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask

The Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask is a mineral-rich clay mask that cleanses and purifies the skin by absorbing surface impurities and excess sebum. Seaweed helps to smooth and soothe, while sea kelp and aloe vera provide humectants and anti-irritants to moisturize and heal skin.


(Gabriel Cosmetics, $28.50)

8. Golden Door Peel-A-Way Masque

This elegant, gold masque instantly refreshes the skin by deeply lifting away impurities and dead skin cells. As it sets on the skin, a select blend of botanical extracts and sugar enzymes work together to nourish, hydrate and aid in the skin cell renewal process promoting a glowing complexion.


(Golden Door, $68)

9. Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask

This mask cleanses skin for a smoother, more polished appearance. The bamboo charcoal mask absorbs toxins and impurities with gentle exfoliating properties to remove dead skin cells.

(Younique Products, $49)

10. Color Up Therapeutics Exfoliating Enzyme Masque


This naturally-derived-enzyme exfoliating masque breaks the bonds holding dead cells skin together, providing a mild exfoliation that smooths skin and lessens the potential of developing acne and/or condenses time of acne breakouts. Contains organic CBD, organic hemp seed oil and organic aloe vera.  

(Color Up Therapeutics, $40)

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11. Shea Terra Kigelia Macua Mussiro Revitalizing Face Mask Age Defense


The ancient beauty secret of the Macua comes to life in this self-activated mask that creates baby soft skin while drawing out impurities and removing acne. It can be worn on its own or can be added to other ingredients such as clay or yogurt to make a mask which is uniquely yours.  

(Shea Terra Organics, $26)

12. Osmosis Skincare Pore Minimizing Clay Purifying Mask


This vegan, purifying mask is a non-drying clay based mask that detoxifies and balances oily, blemished prone skin, without disrupting the oil/moisture content. Texture is refined and smoothed while pores are greatly minimized due to the regulation efforts of the key active ingredients. 

(Dermstore, $52)

13. Elina Organics Aronia Berry Mask


This organic, handmade Aronia Berry based formula is enriched with Vitamin C and Willow Bark Extract. It is especially beneficial for problem complexions. Because of their antibacterial properties, aronia extracts are a good remedy for acne-prone skin.

(Elina Organics Skincare, $36)

14. Proactiv Detox Hydrogel Mask


Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal and Moroccan lava clay, the Detox Hydrogel Face Mask helps to purify the skin and extract dirt and debris from deep within the pores. The combination of charcoal and clay works to absorb impurities, while hydrating ingredients help to leave skin looking refreshed.

(Proactiv, $48 for 4)

15. Proactiv Skin Purifying Mask


A potent deep-cleansing sulfur mask formulated to clear acne blemishes and help prevent new breakouts from forming. This soothing acne treatment helps to absorb excess oil, while antioxidant vitamins and botanicals soothe, condition, nourish and hydrate the skin.

(Proactiv, $38)

16. Beuti Skincare's Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanser & Face Mask


Beuti Skincare's mission is to create products that heal acne sufferers and reduce overall inflammation in the skin. This wonderful cleanser can also be used as a treatment mask, and when left on for 5-10 minutes, the enzymes and honey get to work to decongest and refine the skins texture.


17. No B.S. Charcoal Peel-Off Mask


Perfect for anyone struggling with acne, the No B.S. Charcoal Peel-Off Mask painlessly peels away toxins from your face and instantly reveals radiant skin. Activated Charcoal works like a magnet to clear pores, balance out oily skin and treat breakouts with deep cleaning skills. 


18. Georgette Klinger Phytic Exfoliating Mask


Naturally derived Phytic Acid lets this clay based mask draw out impurities while gently exfoliating for an invigorating deep clean, evening out dark spots and leaving skin balanced and bright.

(Georgette Klinger, $34)

19. Georgette Klinger​ Camphor Mask​

A special absorbing clay soaks up excess oil while simultaneously soothing your skin with calming Zinc Oxide. Vitamin E and Sesame Oil complete the healing and hydration process for skin that is clean and clear.


(Georgette Klinger, $28)

20. Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask

Forest, earth, and sea combine to detoxify, brighten, soften, smooth, exfoliate, and gently dissolve congestions. Deep Forest Clay detoxifies skin with Nature’s renewing treasures: cleansing clay, mineral-rich oceanic salt, soothing algae, botanical exfoliants, medicinal trees, roots, leaves, and flowers. 


(Aillea, $88)

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