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Who Is Kyle Jaenke-Annis? Details About The Man Arrested For Burglarizing Jayme Closs' Home

Photo: Barron County Jail
Who Is Kyle Jaenke-Annis? Details Man Arrested Jayme Closs Robbing Home

A man has been arrested for allegedly burglarizing the home of missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs on the day of her murdered parents' funeral.

Kyle Jaenke-Annis, 32, was arrested Monday for breaking into the 13-year-old's house and stealing her clothes, NBC reports.

Jayme' parents were found shot to death in the home Oct. 15 and she has been missing ever since. He is not considered a suspect in the girl's disappearance or the murders of her parents, James and Denise Closs.

Jaenke-Annis was caught inside the Closs' home Saturday and charged with burglary and felony bail jumping for committing a new crime in violation of bond. He had recently released on bond in August regarding a separate burglary charge, court records show.

Barron County Sheriff's Department

According to a criminal complaint, motion-activated cameras captured Jaenke-Annis entering the vacant residence through an unlocked patio door at 3:30 a.m. The Department of Criminal Investigations notified police of the intruder, who was stealing clothing that is believed to belong to Jayme, including two tank tops, a girl's dress, and two pairs of girl's underwear.

Jaenke-Annis said he took the "items that people wouldn't miss" because he was  "curious what size Jayme was," a complaint reads.

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He denied knowing the Closs family, despite working at the same Jennie-O Turkey Store as Jayme's parents did. Jaenke-Annis has been cleared of involvement in Jayme's disappearance, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said in a statement on Monday. 

His arrest came just hours before a funeral was help for Jayme's murdered parents. Jayme was believed to have been inside the home at the time of their deaths but has not been located since.

Search efforts for the missing teenager have decreased but authorities are still actively trying to locate her, the Barron County Sheriff’s Department said.

"As of today, we have transitioned our Emergency Operations Center from a 24/7 reactive operation to a more deliberate and methodical effort to progress the investigation," the sheriff's office said in a statement Thursday. "This is based on a declining number of tips. However, we will continue to fully investigate those remaining tips and new information we receive going forward. 

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Barron County police have received over 2,100 tips so far, and they urges anyone with a tip to call the sheriff's office. 

"Just because the posture of our operations center has transitioned, does not mean the tips should stop," the sheriff's office stressed.

Jayme has been missing for over two weeks. Authorities are asking the public to report anything unusual regarding the disappearance of Jayme or the death of her parents to police by calling 1-855-744-3879 or sending an e-mail to jaymetips@co.barron.wi.us.

"There is a tip out there that will break this case, keep them coming in. Thank you again for the community support behind the law enforcement effort on this case," Fitzgerald said.

Jayme is 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, and has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She is believed to have been abducted and endangered, police say.

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