How To Cope With Anxiety, By Zodiac Sign

Don't let anxiety control you.

How To Cope With Anxiety, By Zodiac Sign pexels

Anxiety is awful, we all can at least agree upon that? I myself have struggled with severe anxiety for a couple of years now, and at one point I could barely leave the house because of it.

Leaving my house became almost impossible for me because I was too scared of what could happen if I did.

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Would I have a panic attack and embarrass myself, would I mess something up for someone else or would I just be a waste of space drifting across an empty void. It’s the worst feeling, thinking that something is horribly wrong with you when it's just your mind playing tricks on you.

I personally understand what each and every one of you are going through when it comes to anxiety, and I will do everything in my power to help you get through this just as I have.

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It will take time and a lot of hard work, but if you stick to the solutions I have no doubt in my mind that you will benefit from them and overcome your anxious state of being. Many of us around the world struggle with an anxiety mental condition and have no clue how to stop it.


However, with astrology I have found some of the best ways to combat this mental illness based on our zodiac signs. Join me on this journey to help everyone like us and stop anxiety from affecting our lives.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

When you think of an Aries horoscope, they’re the last of the zodiacs you would think struggle with anxiety. However, they are one of the most likely to experience this unforgiving mental disease. This is because of a couple reasons.

Some examples are that they put way to much pressure on themselves and demand too much out of themselves. Some other reasons are that they overthink everything and are highly sensitive to many situations they are put in. Aries may seem like they have everything under control, but under the mask they really do struggle with anxiety as much as any of us.


Solution One - Keeping A Journal/Diary

Keeping a journal/diary to keep all of your inner emotions trapped inside doesn't seem like it helps, but as someone who has severe anxiety, it really does. When you let your emotions spill out onto parchment it feels like your talking to someone without letting anyone else in. This will let you physically see your issues and help you overcome them! It worked for me and maybe it will for you as well!

Solution Two - Meditation

Meditation is another solution that is often looked over as silly or just a waste of time. Meditation helps relax your mind and body and also lets you momentarily forget all of the stressful things that are bombarding into your life. This happens because you are technically reprogramming your brain to be less anxious. Just doing this at least ten minutes a day is proven to relieve stress and anxiety. If you have a lot of stress coming into your life I personally suggest this as a great way to remove it.


Solution Three - Eating Healthy

Now when I say eating healthy I don't mean converting to vegetarian or counting your calories throughout the day. However, I do mean cutting out the extra chocolate or soda you have on a daily/weekly basis. Consuming all of that sugar and caffeine can lead to health problems, but can also cause more stress to enter your life.


2. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)


When a Taurus struggles with anxiety, they start getting picky with every little thing. It could be something out of place that sets off the alarms of anxiety, or it could simply be you couldn't remember where you left your car keys. Taurus become very picky because of how visual you are which leads to the spiral downward into the darkness of anxiousness.

Solution One - Breathing

Breathing is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety as a Taurus because their anxiety comes to them in very abrupt ways. It will be as if one moment everything is fine and then in the next, your world is spiraling out of control. Many breathing techniques float around the web, so for instant help, you should find which one works for you and stick with it!

Solution Two -  Challenge Your Negative Thoughts


Your thoughts are mainly what dictate your feelings. For example, if you are worried about a presentation at work anxiety might build up because you are worried about what awaits you later in the day. If you find out what it is that's making you anxious you can then take preventative measures to stop the anxiety from happening in the first place. Challenge those thoughts and prepare for what is bothering you, so you can be sure to knock whatever it is out of the park!

Solution Three - Schedule A Visit With A Therapist

Trust me when I first went to a therapist I had anxiety the whole way there. However, when you meet face to face your inner feelings just seem to all come spilling out, and there is no better feeling than getting all of that off of your chest. Talking to someone really does help, and I would recommend a therapist to almost anyone.

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3. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

Gemini are prone to have more of a chance of anxiety than some others. This is because you overthink both sides of the subject you are focusing on. You tend to overthink a lot and turn a bunch of small problems into a huge crisis. This leads you to hide your feelings until they eat you from the inside out making you passive-aggressively take it out on others around you.

Solution One -  Music


Music is a great way to calm yourself down when anxiety gets ahold of you. There are many types of beats that are proven to lower stress and anxiety. Try to find your perfect song and put it on repeat. Doing this will slow down your heartbeat and bring you back to reality.

Solution Two -  Find Your Mantra

This has helped me so much through this long journey. Finding your own mantra is a must when going through a tough time. My personal mantra is “ You’re okay, you can get over this, you’re only having a panic attack”. If you find your own and stick to it, it can be a life saver. Saying this over and over again brings you back down to earth and really puts a calming sensation over you until the stress is gone.

Solution Three -  Walk It Off


This is possibly the most looked over method I have ever been told, but it works. Going on a walk gives your mind something to focus on. What also helps is that its exercise which releases endorphins which are chemicals that improve your mood and release stress. It can be a walk down the road or hiking in the forest, anything to get you out and walking around.

4.  CANCER (June 21 - July 23)

Cancers feel most at ease when surrounded by family and or friends which is why you get anxious when alone, the feeling that someone is leaving you,  not being liked, being an outcast, seen as annoying etc. This means you care a lot about what other people think of you.


This makes you adjust how you act in front of other people making you put a mask over your own personality. Just know that your personality is what makes you, you and you should not change it for anyone.

Solution One -  Get out!

You thrive with family and friends, so get out! Go hang out with friends or visit your family, anything to get you out and surrounded by the people you love and trust. Try hosting a family gathering or attending one yourself. Once accompanied by family and friends your stress levels will plummet, making you less anxious and ready to move on with the day!

Solution Two -  Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol may work for a certain short period of time, but it is proven to lower your serotonin levels which in the end will make your anxiety worse. So when your out having the time of your life with friends try and restrict your drinking to a minimum where you’re still having fun but not hurting yourself in the long run!


Solution Three - Talk To A Family Member Or Friend

Therapists are not for you so why not confide into someone you trust. Many people across the globe struggle with anxiety, so try and see if anyone in your family or friend group struggle with it as well. Talking to someone, and letting all of your emotions out will help you immensely.

5. LEO (July 23 - August 23)


Leo’s are one of the most confident signs you can be. You set schedules and goals that you want to accomplish in order to better yourself and to thrive. However, this is what leads to your anxiety. Not being in control scares you, and starts to build up stress.

Once that schedule falls apart and you feel like nothing will be able to get you back on track, that is what leads to all of your stress and anxiety. Restlessness begins to take over and you fall deep down into the pit of anxiousness. There are many ways to combat this, and I will give you some great solutions on how to overcome this stressful scenario.   

Solution One - Breathing Techniques

Let's start by lowering that rapid heart rate. There are many breathing techniques floating around the web, so I will let you in on the one I use most often to calm me when I’m having a panic attack. First, you want to start off with three normal breaths in through the nose and out the mouth.


Once you have completed that breath in for a count of eight, hold it for three seconds then exhale for a count of five. Next, inhale for a count of 12, hold it then exhale for a count of eight. Then finally inhale for a count of 16, hold it then exhale for a count of 12. Repeat this three times then end it with three normal breaths, in through the nose then out through the mouth.

Solution Two -  Exercise

Instead of worrying about what you can or can't control, leave it all behind you and go to the gym or on a run. Any form of exercise will lower your body's stress hormones and will release endorphins which are chemicals that improve your mood. Getting out and active will also help your sleep and massively improve your confidence.

Solution Three - Accept that you have anxiety


Many Leo’s think that there is no way they could possibly have anxiety, but accepting that you have it is the first step to getting rid of it. It’s not about staying in bed all day and giving up. Realize that you have a problem and attack it head-on. Always remember you'll have many options in life and nothing can stop you from living life to the fullest!

6. VIRGO (August 23 - September 23)

Virgos live for having a very productive/well-rounded life. You love for everything to flow perfectly without any pesky interruptions. Your anxiety tends to flare when things aren't going as great as they should be, or when things aren't flowing the way you want them to. This leads you to micromanage everything and turns you into a control freak. Your anxiety will tend to grow as your life keeps on getting interrupted and ending up disrupting your flow.


Solution One - Visualization

Picture yourself hiking across mountains or laying on a beach, wherever your perfect place is put yourself there. But don't just visualize, feel the light breeze grazing against your skin, let your senses, emotions, thoughts, and feelings take over you to get your mind off of what's going on around you in the real world.

Solution Two - Try Kava

Kava is a herb that helps control your anxiety, and many believe this is better than most antibiotics. You'll want to consult with your doctor before taking this because it may interact with other medications you are taking. Kava has nutrients known as kavalactones that regulate your anxiety and puts you into a state of relaxation.


Solution Three -  Epsom Salts

Anxiety will take a toll on you both mentally and physically, and this is exhausting. Taking a bath with Epsom salts will help relax your muscles and give you that 30 minutes of relaxation you need to calm yourself and get back on track!

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7. LIBRA (September 23 - October 23)



As a Libra, you are the most social of all the zodiacs. You are at your best when surrounded by people you love. You are loving, friendly and all around a fun person. However, when you are struck with anxiety you start to isolate yourself. You pull yourself away from others thinking you are helping them out. You need the people you love to thrive and pulling yourself into a state of isolation is not how you should deal with anxiety.

Solution One -  Go On A Adventure

It could be hiking, a road trip, going to a new coffee shop or whatever you want just remember to bring your loved ones along with you. Exercise will help with your anxiety and you won't be alone when your families with you. Even if you have just a brother, sister or parent with you spending time with the people you love while getting exercise will benefit you in many ways.

Solution Two - Social Event


With your anxiety you should not be alone, your drive is people around you. Go to a local meeting that you support or a poetry reading at your local coffee shop, anything to get you out and around people. The acceptance will drive your confidence and begin to pull you out of the state of depression/anxiousness you are in.  

Solution Three -  Dark Chocolate

Yes, eat dark chocolate to calm your anxiety. Now I don't mean the Hershey's dark chocolate with the astronomical amounts of sugar. I mean the dark chocolate that has at least 80 percent of cocoa or higher. Dark chocolate has a high amount of tryptophan which works as a precursor to serotonin. In my own opinion, I feel like munching on some chocolate is a lot more favorable than going over breathing techniques or drowning my sorrows in alcohol.

8. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 22)


As a Scorpio, you can be a drama queen. This leads you to get worried over things that in the end shouldn't matter at all. It can be the smallest of things but if you don't like it or feel like it's not enough you will have a panic attack. Some examples are not enough money, your hairs messy, clothes are dirty or your weight isn't where you want to be at.

Solution One -  Stop Your Negative Feelings

This is easier said than done obviously but trust me you can do it. Reflect over every negative thought that comes across your head and think to yourself “why am I thinking this”. Once you are done reflecting write it down and then write out positive things that are going on in your life and you will see the positive will always outweigh the negative.

Solution Two - Plan A Day Trip


Stop everything, call off work and just go. Go on an adventure and embrace nature. This will help clear your thoughts and stop those negative feelings from rising up from within you. Once you’re in nature you will realize most of the worries that cloud your thoughts are pointless and the world around you embraces you no matter what.

Solution Three - Make Conscious Decisions

When you start to realize you are having anxiety you need to make a decision. You can either accept it and fight it, or you can do something to distract your mind. Both of these can work it just depends on what type of person you are. There are many ways to distract the mind like working, going on a walk, read, take a bath etc… Make the decisions that will help you, don't just wallow in your sorrows, plan out what you're going to do and do it.

9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 22)


You’re a free spirit. You don't want to be controlled or conform to society’s standards. You get very restless when you have to be somewhere for too long or when things aren't going smoothly in your life.  You want the best life for you, but you’re struggling with all of the pesky schedules you are given. Don’t worry, live your best life and don’t worry about what's going on around you and focus on yourself!

Solution One -  Lavender

If you’re stuck in your house all day why not try and add lavender into an oil diffuser. Lavender has many healing properties and is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety. There are many different ways to incorporate lavender into your day to day life such as putting a few drops on a tissue then putting it under your pillow to help you sleep better, adding essential lavender oil to your bath or even rub lavender oil on sore muscles to reduce pain and stress.

Solution Two -  Take a Yoga class


Yoga has been a huge help to reduce stress throughout all age groups. Yoga is also one of the ways to naturally raise your serotonin production. Serotonin production plays a big role in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

It also plays a big part in your own happiness. If that isn't enough to make you want to sign up it reduces your resting heart rate, lowers blood pressure, eases breathing and even increases pain tolerance! When I did yoga to help my anxiety it would blanket me with a wave of calmness that I couldn't get from anywhere else.

Solution Three - Tea

Chamomile tea is well known for its sedative effects. This is because the tea contains apigenin which is a flavonoid that binds to the same brain receptor as Xanax which is one of the most common anti-anxiety medications. Sitting back and relaxing with this tea might be just the thing you need to drop that stress.


10. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 20)

As a Capricorn, you thrive with structure, rules and the understanding of what's going on around you. Your not an out of the ordinary kind of person, so when people tend to “just wing it”, or when there are no rules or schedule to follow you get flustered which leads to your anxiety.

When you have anxiety you tend to overextend your hand and help people who don't want your help in the first place. You'll continue to set aside your issues until you finally have to face them.


Solution One -  Wake Up 15 Minutes Early

This will allow you to schedule out your whole day without being late for anything. Remember you thrive on a schedule so these extra 15 minutes in the morning will help out a lot, and prevent the anxiety from even happening in the first place.

Solution Two - PassionFlower

Passionflower is one of the natural remedies to help insomnia and anxiety. It's a historical herb that has been used throughout time to treat anxiety and has been said to help just as much as any prescription drug. I would highly recommend this if you’re a tea lover. Remember not to use this if you are using any other sedative herb or prescription drug.


Solution Three -  Schedule Everything

As I said above you thrive on a schedule, so schedule everything. If something comes up at random take deep breaths and try to fit it in as best as you can. Remember your schedule can change but if you at least have one you will reduce stress and prevent anxiety.

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11. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)


As an Aquarius, you think out of the box and have a huge imagination. This makes you more susceptible to anxiety than the rest. When your imagination takes a turn for the worst that’s when your anxiety will flare.

Your mind will play tricks on you thinking something might be terribly wrong, and your imagination will blow it out of proportion.  You'll start getting aggressive against people who have nothing to do with what's going on, and will continue to blow things out of proportion until you face the fact that you have a problem.

Solution One - Stop Catastrophic Thinking

With your wild imagination, it can be easy to let your mind ponder over the worst situations. Take some deep breaths, find a mantra and tell yourself everything is going to be okay. Your mind will play tricks on you and you need to realize that.


Solution Two - Write

Write down your emotions, thoughts, feelings anything to distract your mind. This will also help because you’re putting your problems down onto parchment letting you visually see what's going on inside your mind. Once written down look over them and see what you need to change to ease your stress.

Solution Three - Goals

Make a list of the goals you want to achieve in the future. Write at least ten down that you want to achieve in the next year and follow the path to achieving these goals religiously. This will put your mind on something else other then what's wrong each day and drive you to better yourself and achieve your dreams.


12. PISCES (February 18 - March 20)

It's crazy to think about, but as a Pisces, we thrive when we have a little inner turmoil fueling us. When we are anxious it pushes us to be more creative and excel at whatever we are doing. However, we may let too much in and start to drown in it. As a Pisces myself I can attest to this. Don't think of the stress as a burden but think of it as a fuel that will push you to accomplish things you never could have imagined.

Solution One - Take A Nature Bath


We are very creative so go into nature and take everything in. Think about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, what's going on around you and how the air feels against your skin. Let your senses take over and live for the moment.

Solution Two - Think Productive

Too much anxiety will make us shrink back into a hole we will struggle to get out of. When we begin to think productively our anxiety will fuel us to push through our biggest struggles in life and triumph over everything. So think productively let your stress fuel you and put all your effort into your dreams.

Solution Three -  Just Breathe/Mantra

This is what usually works for me. Look up some breathing patterns online and see what works for you. Once you find a breathing pattern, think of a mantra that works for you. When I have an anxiety attack I say “You’re having a panic attack, everything is going to be okay you can get through this”. Repeat the mantra after doing the breathing exercises to calm yourself down.

So many people struggle with anxiety across the globe. It's a tough, unforgiving mental struggle that destroys lives each and every day. However, it can be beaten. So many new ways are being created each and every day to help you deal with your anxiety, and most of them work!
I'm not saying its going to be easy, but you can end your stress and anxiousness. Try out these methods and see if they work, if they don't, don't lose hope, there are many ways to relieve your stress you just need to find what works for you!
Ethan Watson is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.