Who Is Doug Jones' Wife? New Details On Louise New Jones

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who is Doug Jones' wife

Doug Jones became a household name when he ran against Roy Moore for a seat in the Senate to represent Alabama. If you remember, Moore was facing multiple sexual misconduct and assault allegations from women who claimed they were underage when Moore approached them. But in December 2017, Jones won the seat in the U.S. Senate with a little more than 50 percent of the vote, becoming the first Democrat to be elected from Alabama in more than 25 years.

Aside from what was considered an “upset” victory, Jones was previously a U.S. Attorney appointed by Bill Clinton, and prosecuted two KKK members for the 1963 Birmingham church bombing. He’s a moderate Democrat and has supported same-sex marriage, gun control, and is pro-choice.

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We’re also curious about how his family has supported him throughout the contentious campaign against Moore. What is his personal life like? Just who is Doug Jones’ wife? Here are 6 things to know about Louise New Jones.

1. They’ve been married for 25 years.

The couple married in December 1992 and celebrated their 25th anniversary on the night he gave his victory speech for winning the Senate seat.

2. They have three kids.

The Jones family has three children: sons Carson and Christopher, and daughter Courtney. Courtney is a graduate of Birmingham Southern College and is studying to receive her Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. She is married to Rip Andrews and the couple has two daughters, Ever and Ollie.

Carson graduated from the University of Georgia and attends graduate school at Colorado State University in Zoo and Aquarium Management. He’s a zookeeper in Denver. Their other son Christopher currently attends college at the University of Alabama.

3. Their son Carson gave Mike Pence some serious side-eye.


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When Jones was sworn in back in January, as he placed his left hand on the bible and his right hand to take the oath of office, people couldn’t help but notice the look on Carson’s face. Carson is openly gay, so it’s no wonder he’d be looking at a man who is so hostile toward gay rights this way. He even posted a photo on Instagram, saying “#nocaptionneeded.”

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4. They are Christian.

Jones himself has been a member of Canterbury United Methodist Church for more than 33 years, and makes his values part of his political viewpoints to represent all people.

“I go to church. I’m a Christian,” he’s said. “I have as many people of faith that have been reaching out to me about this campaign. Because you can be an extremist. You can take everything to an extreme, and no one really wants that... They want someone who cares about all people, not just a select few... That’s what I think the teachings of religion are, is the caring about the least of these, the caring about all people, and making sure there’s a fairness to everything."

5. She played a role in his campaign.

While Kayla Moore, the wife of Jones’ opponent Roy Moore, was constantly in the spotlight, defending her husband and campaigning for him, Jones took a more backseat approach. She phone banked for him and spoke at an event that focused on women voters in Alabama.

“He has been driven by his values, and justice and calling of public service... I think that it could not be more clear who is the best person to be the next Senator for the state of Alabama,” she said of her husband.

6. It’s no secret that he loves his family.


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Jones credits his wife for her unwavering support and said that she “‘kicked him in the rear end’ earlier in the night when he was ‘down’ as the election results seesawed back and forth.” And as for his children, he said on his website, “Our family gives us strength and joy.” Sounds like the best kind of family man!

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