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6 Rituals To Do This Full Moon In Taurus To Clear Out The Stale Air In Your Love Life

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6 Rituals To Do This Full Moon

Full moons are not something to be messed around with. And the ancients knew that very well. That's why Hippocrates, the guy who created the doctor's oath, said that one should never undergo any surgical procedure on that part of the body ruled by the zodiac sign under which the full moon happens to be that night. It would only lead to infection, terrible pain — or worse, death!

Well, you don't need to worry about death and disfigurement right now (unless you are scheduled for a neck or shoulder surgery) because on October 24th, the full moon in Taurus has other plans for mucking up your love life.

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Why? It's because Uranus, the planet of eccentricities and rebellion, is going to be in direct conjunction with the full moon on that night, which means if you are single, you might suddenly fall under the spell of your hot Economics professor or rush into a relationship of some other kind.

In fact, this planetary conjunction is being directly opposed by the Sun and the retrograde Venus, which means you could have some major stir-ups in your financial quarters too. Yikes! So here are a few full moon rituals for you to try at home so you are in harmony with the energies of this cosmic moment in time and are able to shift away from negative to positive in your love life.

1. Reap the rewards of the new moon from May.

Every full moon corresponds with a new moon that happened six months back. And this full moon in Taurus is directly related to the new moon in Taurus that happened on May 15th, 2018. So if you made any wishes during that time or started anything new, you will reap the rewards (or the consequences) of your actions around this time.

2. Give thanks to the Universe.

The waning period of the moon, from full to new, marks the period of giving thanks to the Universe for all you have achieved and have been blessed with so far. And it's even more important this time around because of all the hard interactions between the transiting planets and the moon right now.

To do this ritual, you will need a candle, some pretty flowers and leaves, an unruled sheet of paper, and a pencil. Start by drawing a large triangle (it represents the mind, body, and spirit), a circle (represents completion), or a heart (represents love) on the paper. Draw the symbol that feels right to you.

Then place the candle in the center of the drawing and surround the diagram with the flowers and leaves you have collected. Make sure to do this as creatively and beautifully as possible because Taurus rules beauty.

Finally, light the candle. Now close your eyes and breathe in deeply 10 times, each time thanking the Universe in your mind (or out loud) for one good thing in your life. Once done, open your eyes and blow out the candle. As for the leaves and flowers, you can either bury them in nature (a garden will do too) or gently drop them off in a river or the sea.

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3. Get your signature scent blended.

Taurus rules the finer things in life. And there's no better time for indulgence in these little extravagances than on the day of a full moon in Taurus. So if you have never explored the wonderful world of signature scents, now's the time to drop by a perfumerie that has a blending bar and direct the mixing magicians as they whip up a scent that screams your name.

4. Hug a tree.

Or, lean on one. Whichever sounds less weird to you. And while you do it, imagine yourself embracing the sturdy strength, resilience, and wisdom buried in its old wood. Trust us, you'll need it with mischief-maker Uranus egging you on to make the biggest mistake of your love life on this night of lunar wonder and magnetism.

In fact, it's best if you find the oldest tree in your locale and wrap your limbs as far around it as possible. Old is definitely gold when it comes to counteracting Uranian instability.

5. Take a relaxing bath with milk and flowers.

The moon is said to be exalted in the sign of Taurus because it's great at unstringing the hyper-strung and bringing out your sensual and indulgent side. So pamper yourself with a delicious soak in a tub spiked with your favorite essential oils, bath bombs, flowers, and even milk. Anything to bring out that luscious, honey-dewed skin.

Add some relaxing music to the mix, a glass (or two) of your favorite cocktail, and you are set for the evening. And if you are seeing someone, why not drop them an invite over for a party for two?

6. Light a pink candle.

No time for long baths or signature scent-making? You can still tune in to the vibrant energies of the full moon in Taurus by lighting a few pink candles at your altar or setting them up in the favorite room of your home. Better still if they are scented with essential oils that vibrate on the same frequency as Taurus, like lemon, patchouli, and Ylang Ylang.

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