Are Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Back Together?

Princess Eugenie's wedding might have been the ultimate parent trap.

Are Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Back Together? Getty

Are Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson back together? The royal exes were spotted looking comfortable together as they celebrated daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding this weekend.

The princess wed Jack Brooksbank on Friday in a gorgeous royal ceremony in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the same venue where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged vows in May. 

The longtime couple wed with 800 guests in attendance, including many fellow royals and celebrities.


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However, even with a star-studded guest list, it was the bride's parents who seem to have stolen the show. Eagle-eyed royal fans couldn't take their eyes off Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Fergie, who sat together for the ceremony. Spotting the exes looking close and comfortable, fans have sent rumors swirling that the two may have gotten back together in secret, taking to Twitter to air their speculations.

The couple officially divorced back in 1996 after four years of separation, causing plenty of royal scandal in the process (throwback to that whole toe-sucking thing).


However, despite a complicated history and plenty of objection from the royal family, the exes have remained close, maintaining a unique arrangement. The two have lived together since 2008, when Fergie moved into Royal Lodge, the Duke's official country estate, with her ex and their daughters. 

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Due to the unique nature of the arrangement, the exes and cordial co-parents have often found themselves at the center of reconciliation rumors. Fergie once referred to herself and Andrew as "the happiest divorced couple in the world." The two have enjoyed family vacations and attended royal functions together, including Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle in May. 

Everybody's favorite royal exes have even come to each other's defense in the wake of scandal, too. Back in 2010, Andrew ultimately stood by Fergie as she fell even further out of the royal family's good graces after allegedly agreeing to exchange royal information for money.


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Fergie returned the favor a few years later when Andrew found himself at the center of rumors alleging he was involved in an underage sex ring. The Palace denied any such allegations, and Fergie spoke glowingly on her ex's behalf in a 2015 Today show appearance: "I will have not one word said about him on any level, any level. I want to stand by him, because I know what it feels like to have salacious lies made up about you. I won't stand by and let his character be defamed to this level."

Their affectionate relationship has led to much speculation about a possible romantic rekindling over the years, and the post-royal wedding rumors are just the latest in a long line of speculations. Way back in 1999, Fergie was already rebuffing reconciliation rumors. "I know everyone wants the fairytale of Andrew and I getting back together. But just as I can't make plans for the millennium I can't make plans about what's going to happen with us," she said when rumors broke following her 40th birthday party. "We are the happiest divorced couple in the world, definitely. Some people are happily married. Well, we're very happily divorced. It might sound strange but we believe very firmly in what we've got."


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But hey, we're almost 20 years into the millennium now! Maybe it's time to start making some plans? 

As luck would have it for the (maybe) lovebirds, some recent shakeups in the royal line of succession have made a royal remarriage a possibility. The birth of Prince Louis to Prince William and Kate Middleton back in April has officially pushed Andrew to 7th in line to the throne, meaning he would no longer have to receive royal permission to marry. So maybe the long-awaited royal reconciliation is really on the horizon this time? Fingers crossed for this "happily divorced" couple's happily ever after.


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