Who Is Richard Blumenthal's Wife? New Details On Cynthia Malkin

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who is Richard Blumenthal's wife

Most of the United States has been following Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, which ended in his appointment to the Supreme Court this past weekend. But behind the scenes were the senators calling for a thorough investigation into the accusations, one of which was Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal.

Blumenthal has been a U.S. Senator from Connecticut since 2011, winning re-election in 2016 with over one million votes. Before this, he was the Attorney General of Connecticut for 20 years, served in the Marine Corps in his late 20s, and worked in a private law practice.

But most notably, in the recent weeks, he has been a defender of sexual assault survivors and a major critic in the Republicans’ rush to confirm Kavanaugh.

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We’re wondering how his family is looking at it all, and how they support him. Who is Richard Blumenthal's wife, how do they keep politics out of their marriage, and what is life like for them? Here are 7 things to know about Cynthia Malkin.

1. Her father is Peter Malkin.

Peter Malkin is a wealthy real estate investor who made his riches by working closely with his father-in-law, Lawrence Wien, an attorney as well as real estate investor. He’s currently the chairman emeritus of Empire State Realty Trust, a company that owns buildings across New York City, including the Empire State Building! Malkin’s company also owns property in the tri-state area.

2. She's a Harvard graduate.

Malkin graduated from Harvard in 1982, and married Blumenthal that same year. After graduation, she worked as a photographer and was part of a foundation called Jobs for Connecticut’s Future.

3. She's 15 years his junior.

Seems, scandalous right? The couple met when Malkin was just 16 years old, and Blumenthal was 31. She was accompanying her parents to a party in Greenwich, CT, and was paired up with her future husband for a tennis game. They met again at Malkin’s cousin’s wedding a few years after but didn’t date until she began attending college.

According to Malkin, their first time meeting was somewhat awkward. Blumenthal walked up to her and asked where she worked, and then...

“I'm still in school.”

“Graduate school?”

“No, not exactly.”

“What college do you attend?”

“Actually, I'm still in high school.”

At which point Blumenthal said, “It's been very nice to meet you” and immediately walked away!

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4. They've been married for over 30 years.

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They wed in 1982 when she was 21 and he was 36. According to The New York Times, the couple was married at Malkin’s parents’ home in Connecticut.

5. They have four children.

The Blumenthals have four children: daughter Claire, and sons David, Michael, and Matthew. Matthew serves in the Marine Corps while Michael is in the Navy.

Growing up, Malkin raised the children as a stay-at-home mother while Blumenthal committed to his busy schedule. However, the kids didn’t feel distant from their father; in fact, they didn’t mind that he was away so often because they “really do feel his care and concern for them is profound.”

6. She's quite wealthy.

Though Blumenthal’s net worth is an estimated $104 million (!!!), most of it can be attributed to Malkin. They are part owners of the Empire State Building, which is valued at $2.5 billion! To get an idea of just how rich the couple is, they own a $2.5 million home in Greenwich, CT that's 5,700 square feet with 13 rooms, and located only a few miles from the Malkins.

7. She has a career away from politics.

While Blumenthal has made a name for himself in politics and law, Malkin decided to go a different route. She’s currently on the Boards of the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Center for Reproductive Rights, and is a Commissioner of the National Portrait Gallery for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

She’s also served on Boards over the years, including the YWCA, Meals on Wheels, and the Research and Grants Committee of the Fund for Women and Girls. She works events that benefit Planned Parenthood and the Breast Cancer Alliance.

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