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Who Is Chris Coons' Wife? Details About Annie Coons

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Who Is Chris Coons' Wife? Details About Annie Coons

Tonight marks the last night of the Democratic National Convention, and Senator Chris Coons will speak at the event to show his support for Joe Biden’s presidential run.

Since 2010, he’s served as a junior U.S. Senator from Delaware and before that, he was the county executive of New Castle County, DE. A Yale graduate, he volunteered as a relief worker in Kenya, which was a catalyst for changing his political viewpoints, switching from a Republican to a Democrat in college.

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He’s currently the vice chair of the Senate Ethics Committee, but we’re more curious about his family life.

Who is Chris Coons’ wife, Annie Coons?

Does she play a role in his political career at all? Here are five things to know about Annie Coons.

When did Chris Coons and Annie Coons meet?

Chris Coons met his wife, Annie Coons, in the ‘90s, and it was totally love at first sight. After their first date, Chris Coons remembers thinking, “If I’m ever getting married, this is who I want to be married to.”

All together now: awww!

Who are Chris Coons and Annie Coons' children?

In 1996, the couple wed. They also have three children together: Mike and Jack, who are twins, as well as a daughter, Maggie.


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Are Chris Coons and Annie Coons religious?

While Chris is Presbyterian, Annie is Catholic, though this hasn’t affected their marriage in a negative way. Because of her religious views, the Coons attend a Catholic church in Wilmington, DE. Coons describes himself as “someone who is privately, fairly religious” but says it doesn’t need to be part of a political platform.

However, in 2019, Senator Coons talked about the importance of the Senate's morning prayer breakfast — a tradition that's been carried on by a bipartisan group of Senators since the 1950s.

“If there is something that I think is core to everybody who gathers at this prayer breakfast, it’s an interest in kindness, in humility, in patience and to listening to each other,” Coons said. “That maybe something that is rare here in Washington, but, frankly, that’s one of the attractions of spending at least one hour a week together where we, sort of, put the tools down and stop trying to hit each other so much.”  


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What does Annie Coons do?

In 2012, she was appointed to the position during an event to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. But her inspiration came back in college when her roommate was diagnosed with MS. Since then, she and Chris participate in runs for MS, hold fundraisers, and even taped a PSA.

What charities are Chris Coons and Annie Coons involved with?

SOAR is a program that provides mental health counseling for victims of sexual abuse and assault. They participate in walks to raise money, and what a great cause it is to support.

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