Who Is Leland Keyser? New Details On Christine Blasey Ford's High School Best Friend

She was Dr. Ford's high school BFF.

Who Is Leland Keyser? New Details On Christine Blasey Ford's High School Best Friend getty

Who Is Leland Keyser? The FBI's investigation into the allegations that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in high school is ongoing. There is a cast of characters in this case. Mark Judge, one of Kavanaugh's high school buddies, is reportedly hiding out at a beach house on the east coast. Leland Keyser is a long time friend of Dr. Ford's from high school. Her statement or testimony could aid investigators in determining if Kavanaugh was the man who attacked Ford or not. So who is Leland Keyser?


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1. The Senate would like to talk to her

Reportedly, the Senate Judiciary Committee would like to have a word with Leland Keyser. One member of the committee sent Keyser the following note: "I understand that you have been identified as an individual who was in attendance at a party that occurred circa 1982 described in a recent Washington Post article." On Saturday, September 29th, Keyser's attorney issued the following statement to CNN: "Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.” 


2. Lifelong friends

Keyser made a statement to The Washington Post via her attorney confirming that she and Ford have been friends for a long time. She also said that she believed Ford's allegation even though she did not specifically remember that party in 1982. Debra Katz is one of Ford's attorneys. She said: “It’s not surprising that Ms. Keyser has no recollection of the evening as they did not discuss it. It’s also unremarkable that Ms. Keyser does not remember attending a specific gathering 30 years ago at which nothing of consequence happened to her. Dr. Ford of course will never forget this gathering because of what happened to her there.”

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3. Her ex is a former Fox News pundit

Keyser's ex-husband is Bob Beckel, a former pundit and analyst for Fox News. Keyser and Beckel were married from 1992 to 2002. They have two children together. Keyser is currently married to John Keyser, who started the women's golf team at Georgetown. 

4. She was a pro golfer

Leland Keyser was a professional golfer when she was younger. She was a golf coach at Georgetown University until 2005 when she suffered a neck injury that forced her to retire. Her husband retired to care for her and their kids while Leland recovered from her injury. Both of Keyser's children are golfers as well. 


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5. She was blindsided

The Daily Mail is reporting that a family member of Leland Keyser's said she was blindsided by all of the media attention. She had no idea that Dr. Ford would be naming her as a corroborating witness. "Christine didn't give her so much as a heads up — as far as I know they haven't really spoken for several years and they're certainly not close anymore. Leland was completely blindsided by her name being thrown into it all. The first thing she knew about it was when she woke up on Thursday morning and her name was just everywhere. It was crazy." The family member continued, "It really felt a lot like Christine was the one called to the principal's office to give an account of something and just threw her under the bus. You know, just reached for a name."



6. She has been in contact with the FBI

Howard J. Walsh III is one of Leland Keyser's lawyers. He confirmed last night that Keyser has spoken with the FBI and that she could not corroborate Ford's account of the night in question. She denied having any knowledge of the party, Ford's assault, or Brett Kavanaugh.

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