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Who Is Jordan Loewe? Track Palin's Ex-Girlfriend And Baby Mama Says Of Their Son Says He's A Deadbeat Dad

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Who Is Jordan Loewe? Track Palin's Ex-Girlfriend And Baby Mama Says Of Their Son Says He's A Deadbeat Dad

In 2018, Sarah Palin's son Track was arrested on charges of domestic violence for the third time in three years. Alaska State Troopers arrived at a home in Wasilla around 11:30 PM on September 28th and found that the then-29-year-old had assaulted an unnamed female who turned later out to be his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Jordan Loewe.

When the woman tried to call the police, Palin allegedly took her phone away to prevent her from doing that. Palin physically resisted the officers while being arrested. He was charged with fourth-degree assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime, resisting arrest by force, and disorderly conduct.

In 2017, Track was also arrested for another incident of domestic violence at his parents' home. He was first arrested for domestic violence in January 2016, when he attacked Jordan Loewe.

But who is Jordan Loewe?

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Loewe is now requesting to get the last name of their little boy changed, and has revealed that neither she nor her son have any contact with Palin.

Read on to find out the details of Track Palin's ex, her petition to the court, and Track's involvement in his son's life.

1. Who is Jordan Loewe? She met Palin in 2014. 

Jordan Loewe is the mother of Palin's 3-year-old son, Charlie. She's a college graduate, and works as a patient care technician in the surgery wing of a hospital.

She met Palin in the summer of 2014 through mutual friends. They started dating in early 2015. Loewe said that their relationship was pretty normal for six months, but that changed when Palin took a contracting job in Iraq.

2. Loewe revealed that Palin abused her. 

She opened up in 2018, detailing the abuse she suffered while dating Palin. She said that he choked her while she was seven months pregnant.

In January 2016, he attacked her while she held their weeks-old baby in her arms, which is what prompted her to finally leave him. During that incident, Palin punched Loewe in the face and kicked her before pointing an AR-15 at his head and threatening to shoot himself after an argument.

She said, "There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to kill himself or kill me. It was terrifying." A domestic violence protective order was put in place by the state of Alaska to keep Palin away from Loewe. That order has since expired.


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3. Loewe got a second restraining order against him.

Loewe filed for a second restraining order after Track started hitting her again and throwing things at her while she was holding their son. She reported that he tried to run her off the road while Charlie was in the car and that he spit in her face. 

4. Loewe revealed that Sarah Palin reportedly didn't want the police involved. 

Loewe revealed that Sarah Palin was upset with her for calling the police:

"I got the cold shoulder for calling the police and tarnishing their name. I was very particular about when I called the police and I didn't call them often. If I had called the police every time he pulled out a gun, then he would be in jail. To his family, I was still kind of the bad guy for calling the police and blowing this up. The answer to them is, 'we don't call the police because that's our reputation. I don't really know what they believe but I definitely got some rude text messages, to say the least, about calling the police."

5. Palin became possessive and controlling in their relationship.

After Palin left for Iraq, Loewe said their relationship changed. He became controlling and possessive. 

She said, "At the beginning, there were a couple of red flags but nothing that really alarmed me. When he left, he became very controlling and possessive about who I was with, where I was, who my guy friends and girlfriends were. He was checking in at every location that I was at. He blamed it on being out of the country and I blamed it on that too, because he wasn't like that before."

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6. She also claims that Sarah Palin justified her son's violence.

Loewe revealed that Sarah Palin was no help when it came to her son and his penchant for violence.

Palin allegedly said, "Track has always had an outlet for his violence. He's played hockey his whole life and it's applauded when you get in fights with people and that's how he can take it out. He would be on the ice and be aggressive and violent. People cheered him on for that. When he was an adult and stopping playing hockey, he immediately joined the military and that was his outlet for violence. They were proud of him for that just like they were in hockey. Since he's out of the military, he doesn't have that outlet anymore. So it's hard for him."

Loewe had hoped his mother would have an idea for her, but she felt Sarah was saying, "This is the reason you got hit."

7. Palin also abused his ex-wife.

Before Loewe, Palin was previously married to Britta Hanson. In December 2017, she filed for a restraining order against him and also created a safe word for their 7-year-old daughter Kyla to use in case she needed to be secretly saved from her dad.

Hanson would know that there was trouble if Kyla asked her, "Mom can you sing me a bedtime song?" Hanson went to pick Kyla up from Palin's house on November 25, 2017.

When she arrived, he was enraged. He was yelling and swearing. He grabbed Hanson and pushed her into the wall when she began to record his rage on her phone. Hanson said Kyla went to hang out with Sarah and she confronted him at his parents' house. Palin flipped out, throwing tools and threatening to beat up his father. 

8. Palin also attacked his own father.

In December 2017, Palin was arrested on a domestic violence charge involving his parents, Sarah and Todd Palin. Sarah called the police, saying that her son was "freaking out and on some type of medication."

As officers were en route, Palin broke a window to get in the house and began assaulting his father by beating him over the head with a gun. Todd Palin had blood from several cuts on his head and liquid coming out of his ear.

Palin was charged with burglary, fourth degree assault, and criminal mischief. His parents filed a restraining order against him.

9. Neither Loewe nor her son allegedly have any current contact with Palin. 

Recently, Loewe revealed that her son has no contact with his father and that she is currently petitioning to get his last name changed. In court documents, she said, “Charlie does not see or know his father. Charlie and I live with my family members, whose last name is Kramer. Other than myself, this is the family raising Charlie and I believe Charlie deserves the last name of our family.”

Loewe also said that the last name “has many negative affiliations” that “have already created problems” for her son. She also revealed that she doesn't have any contact with Palin, either, adding that Palin doesn't pay her alimony or child support.

The hearing for the name change will be held in Anchorage, Alaska in March. 

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