Who Is Owen Wilson's Girlfriend? 6 Details About Varunie Vongsvirates And How She's Pregnant With His Child

They've secretly been dating for years.

Who Is Owen Wilson's Girlfriend? Varunie Vongsvirates Pregnant Secretly Dating Splash News / Storms Media Group

Owen Wilson might be a dad of three very soon. 

The actor's girlfriend, Varunie Vongsvirates, told Radar Online she and Wilson are expecting their first child together any day now — her due date is reportedly Friday, Sept. 28.

“He’s excited,” Vongsvirates, 34, said of the Wedding Crashers star. 

Vongsvirates has been dating Wilson, 49, for years but they have kept their relationship very "private," she told the outlet. 


Splash News / Storms Media Group

“He will be a great dad, because he’s an incredible dad with his other two children,” Vongsvirates said.

In June, Wilson offered to take a paternity test when a mystery woman claimed she was pregnant and the baby was his, which confirmed he is, in fact, the father. 


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Wilson has two other children with two separate women. He has a 7-year-old son, Robert Ford, with Federal Air Marshall Jade Duell and a 4-year son named Finn with ballerina Caroline Lindqvist.

Radar Online reports that Wilson and his baby mama have already named their little one Lyla, according to her Instagram, which means they are having a girl. Vongsvirates revealed the name after just three weeks of pregnancy. Wilson has two sons so this would be his first daughter.

Vongsvirates said she is not scared of giving birth. Instead, she is totally prepared and couldn't be happier.


“I’m ready!” she said excitedly.

Wilson is ready to be a dad once again, too.  A source told Us Weekly that “if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child.”

So who is Wilson's girlfriend and mother of his third child, Varunie Vongsvirate?

1. Lyla will be her first child.


Vongsvirates is going to be a first-time mom! She has no children prior to this pregnancy and she seems elated to become a mother.

2. She confirmed Wilson was the father herself. 

Vongsvirates posted a photo of herself and Wilson at the premiere of Father Figures on her Instagram, which she recently made private.


She captioned the photo "#fatherfigure" and confirmed he was the baby daddy in the comments.

3. She is one fit baby mama.


Vongsvirates has clearly been working out during her pregnancy! In late July, she posted a photo with some friends on yoga mats and her baby bump is nowhere to be seen. 


Vongsvirates captioned the picture "Girl power" with the hashtag #31weekspregnant, which she doesn't look at all. Not to mention in April the in-shape Vongsvirates had a six-pack. 

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4. She is a businesswoman.



According to the soon-to-be mama's LinkedIn page, Vongsvirates is a business development rep for American Addiction Centers.

She worked out of LA and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego.

5. She has an adorable pup.



Vongsvirates welcomed a fur baby into her home in 2016. She doesn't specify the pup's breed but it's cute as heck! In the comments of the announcement on Instagram, she hinted that the dog's name is Schnitzel. 

6. She's secretly been dating Wilson since 2014. 

Splash News / Storms Media Group

Vongsvirates and Wilson have been dating for five years, she said. The Marley & Me actor's son, Finn, was born in 2014 and reportedly agreed to have a child with Lindqvist despite not being in a relationship with her.


When and how Wilson and Vongsvirates met is not known but they were photographed together in 2014, one of the only times they have been photographed with each other.

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