Why Your Life Is Complicated, By Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology

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How Your Zodiac Sign Complicates Your Life, Per Astrology

Every sign in astrology has a side with traits that can be challenging to manage just as they have their positive sides.

Its all relative to creating balance I feel.  I don't mean to imply you will necessarily have all the traits represented by your sun sign.

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Remember, It doesn't represent you as a person but rather the energy that you may embody. Your entire natal chart is a much deeper indicator than the sun sign alone. 

With that said you could also overcome challenges during your life along the way as is the part of the point. 

Certainly, if something resonates through and you don't care for it personally, it is something you can adjust and work in your life. These are all generalizations of course.

There are many factors that build your personality, we are all in many ways products of our experiences and backgrounds. We can even shift throughout our lives many times as we learn and grow. 

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Astrology is considered a way to explore what the cosmic energies portent based the time of your birth, life a foreshadowing if you will.

Your natal chart is a fun way to explore those and see how they may for you as a unique person fit into your personal expression. Some of the life difficulties we will discuss, you may find relevant, others you may not. 

I recommend to really get a bigger picture for yourself at some point if you haven't already. You also have your time of birth for the best chart reveal.

However, if you don't have that detail then there are some great astrologers that can take the information of your birthday and year and work backward through the subsequent cosmic events to reveal your time if you don't already have it. 

With a light attitude, let's explore some of the notable darker traits to the sun sign placements. You may even find that you have traits of other signs too and that makes astrological sense because of the totality of your natal chart.

Plus many people aren't aware that each sign also comprises in ways aspects of the sign that fall before their current one.

For example, say your a Virgo, well then the sign of Virgo has been through all of the previous signs at least once already in the soul journey and still houses aspects of each within their own expression.

Here is the reason why each zodiac sign makes life complicated, per astrology.

1. ARIES (Mar 21 —  April 19) quick to anger and impulsive

Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is the planet of war. That doesn't mean an Aries sun person wants war, it does indicate an energy about them that is very passionate and instinctual.

Aries are physical people, competitive, maybe even a daredevil. This sign is a strong, ambitious sign and sometimes that can really create challenges in their relationships.

Aries is considered a sign that may have some challenges in controlling the force of emotions. They can sometimes struggle to understand why others may be hurt or offended by their behavior.

An Aries may brush off the emotional reactions of others, wondering why they should stop what they are doing to manage someone else's feeling.

These traits can really be mitigated, as the whole natal chart gives all kinds of push and pulls to the sun sign. Aries can also be deeply affectionate, loving people, that may fight for their loved ones. 

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2. TAURUS (April 20 — May 20) Stubborn and Complacent

Taurus has typically been attributed the traits of steadiness, even calmness. On the dark side is their anger when it is displayed. A Sun in Taurus can be a rather kind person, mostly concerned with providing themselves a stable position to then relax in.

Though, when a Taurus has realized that perhaps someone has done them wrong, then the anger of the Taurus sun can be devastating to witness. They are quite often thought to be a stubborn sign, of course, if you think of the fact that the Bull is a symbol of Taurus, then that's likely to be pretty apparent to you too.

I can't imagine it would be easy to move one if it was completely willing, and by then, we might as well just say it's moving on its own. I wouldn't want to be in the way once it did either!  Taurus is also often attributed with the theme of money, a difficulty for this side sign could be someone who falls prey to say financial type crimes.

3. GEMINI (May 21 —  June 20) Superficial and unfocused

Gemini is a Mercury planet and that rules in large part communication and thinking. Perhaps in part from a tendency to value logic over feeling the dark side of Gemini is not considered the most compassionate. 

They may be dismissive of others and quite flighty.  Gemini is often thought of as a sign of high levels of restlessness, even to the point of agitation. It is an emotive sign but that may be more of their own and benefit, not others. 

The sign of a Gemini can fall into manipulation and using others for their own gain, think of a person who may call a friend only when it suits them or they want something.

These traits are considered darker traits for the dualistic sign of Gemini. They typically keep the people around them guessing, and they may play that up. 

Gemini can be afraid to commit to anything because they worry something better may come up, this sign may not want to be restrained in any way.

The Gemini may have "side" girl or boyfriends that they keep on the back burner in case they grow bored. Gemini is thought to have an unfaithful streak on their challenge side.

4. CANCER (June 21 — Jul 22) sullen and angry

The sign of Cancer can be known to have a high level of sensitivity, this quality, from the perspective of what difficulties may arise, can be considered emotionally volatile.

They can take it hard when the people in their environment are in dysfunction.

This sign may show their feelings about negative situations by becoming sullen and withdrawn. it may make them feel ill at ease and rather sad.

For all the Cancer signs desire for security and nurturing, if that is at risk in their life, they can develop some rage type tendencies that may come on suddenly, especially if they have been repressing their unhappiness too long. 

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5. LEO (July 23 — Aug 22) egotistical and authoritative

Leo is ruled by the Sun and that comes with a powerful ego.  Dominating the challenges this sign can face, Leo is a very individualistic sign, they can enjoy calling the shots in their life, and sometimes other people lives too. Leo is likened to a King or Queen ruling over a kingdom they have carefully crafted. 

In the realm of difficulties, Leo can be known to struggle to stay in jobs that they are subordinate in, as they usually do better as their own boss. This can create difficulties for the sign of Leo. They may have a tendency to chafe quite a bit when being told what to do too often.  

Leo is considered a creative sign if they don't have healthy regular outlets for these energies, then a Leo can become depressed and unmotivated. An unhappy Leo can be a very dramatic scene to see. They may even be prone to big shows of that unhappy, making sure they are seen and noticed in their displeasure. Leo's are likely to bounce back from these lows and may come across in a way that makes those around them wonder what happened. 

6. Virgo (Aug 23 — Sep 22) Critical and demanding

Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury and organizing systems is a focus for this sign. In order to effectively organize, of course, the Virgo has to metaphorically be able to see clearly.

In this process of decimating information the sign of Virgo is considered to be very critical. Now I think we all know what being critical entails and it can have its very own set of challenges.

A Virgo could even get to a point that they develop Obsessive compulsive tendencies. A Virgo challenge could be, dissecting all the people around them for their flaws. Virgos can also fall to heavy self-criticism, it's definitely not a one-sided trait. 

The sign of Virgo can also be seen as an emotionally dismissive sign, as they may just put more weight to acts of service to show affection than say words of affirmation. It may be that a Virgo sees flaws too easily and so words of affirmation may not be a focus for the sign. 

After all, if you see mistakes in everything, it may not be as easy to speak up for the positives so Virgo may just instead show appreciation by performing service-based activities. 

7. LIBRA (Sep 23 — Oct 22) unbalanced and judging

The sign of Libra for all its love of beauty and balance can become one of the most unbalanced sign when its dark side becomes apparent. It seems a contradiction but we all often face contradictions. 

If Libra feels like life has lost balance and their direction for regaining order isn't being taken, they can be known to become some of the worst at nagging and complaining until they are obeyed, this is a darker quality to this otherwise easy-going air sign.

Libra is the sign of the Justice for the zodiac and they are believed to be able to easily see an error. The error must be righted for Libra to regain a sense of harmony. Libra wants fairness, and if they see an injustice they can become quite a punishing sign.  

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8. SCORPIO (Oct 23 — Nov 21) aggressive and vengeful

The sign of Scorpio is considered a naturally darker sign, a more angelic Scorpio, may still have had to face the darker aspects of life before they were able to give fully the gifts this placement can offer. 

Scorpio can fall into vengefulness if they believe the people are around them have been disloyal or held secrets from them. 

I could certainly expound on this placements difficulties, Scorpio's are a sign not for the faint of heart. They are considered intense and need intensity from the people in their circle and often crave it in their experiences in life in general.

They may expect honesty and they could probe endlessly when seeking the truth. A Scorpio may also push for it aggressively if they sense anything being hidden from them. 

They may not offer the same in return. The Scorpio sign can be very secretive after all their secrets, they may consider sacred or for the protection of a greater circle. 

9. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 — Dec 21) crude and brash

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter is considered one of the most optimistic of Astro signs, they can though have a very unfiltered critical side. These difficult traits can come across in the form of humor, buts it will be quite cutting. 

They are witty and while that is typically an endearing quality, when its used on the flip side it could be rather rude and hurtful. This aspect of dark Sagittarius can cause some deep wounding to the recipients of their flippant judgments. 

Sagittarius is thought to be a gregarious sign, yet if you think about how that quality is at its best when negatively expressed can easily become exaggerated. This may result in a person dominating any social gathering.

They push all the others out and leaving only themselves as the light for everyone to face. They may demand attention from the group by say, talking louder than anyone else so they are the only one that can be heard. 

10. CAPRICORN (Dec 22- — Jan 19) stubborn and cold

Capricorn ruled by Saturn is a sign known for its steady, concrete progress. That progress can come across as a slow progression, which we know is an effective way to make lasting change. Sometimes a Capricorn may frustrate those around them with that quality. 

Sometimes Capricorn can take a position of reserve to the point that they come across as cold and emotionless, this, of course, can be hurtful and can lead to misunderstandings. 

A Capricorn is thought to be a sign that might rate life and people by their worth, giving more energy to only what they personally deem to be important.

This sign may carry repressed emotions as the sign may have a tendency to believe feelings are not as important, therefore giving more worth to physical progress or conceptual thinking. 

A Capricorn may be a person that has no issue answering questions such as "Who would you save first". 

Capricorn won't likely be prone to hysterics in life, instead, they may lean toward a much, much colder energy. This can be a difficult trait when its expressed.

It leaves people in their orbit out in a proverbial blizzard, detachment being key in this quality. Capricorn energy could also be a person that follows a chain of command type structures to life. 

11. AQUARIUS (Jan 20 — Feb 18) nosey and changeable

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus may be cynical, and skeptical of others perspectives. They can on the darker side of the sign may even get involved in breaking up a relationship, like instigator type behavior.

In their own relationships that may occur too. Despite this, they may yet be able to maintain a connection to their ex's. Somehow their friendship is sought regardless of their downfalls.  

An Aquarius for themselves though may struggle if this become stagnant in their lives. For example is things have been directed by everyone else for too long an Aquarian may do something considered wild or spontaneous just to shake up life, like they may be rebellious and just quit a job if they need a change.

Aquarius is considered to be the most versatile sign in the zodiac and their dark side has twits and turns uniquely their own. 

12. PISCES (Feb 19 — Mar 20) distant and procrastinating

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Neptune they could seem very distant. Indeed they may actually be far away inside.

This is a difficult trait to manage, a Pisces may just slip away mentally, leaving their loved ones, not just feeling shut but feeling that they left without leaving even an address.

This is metaphorical of course, its just that they are considered daydreams, emotional people yes, but people that are swimming in their own ocean of feelings.

Personal distance can be a challenge for this placement. An angry Pisces can certainly happen though when they do engage in that way, challenges that surface may be like leaving during the disagreement to take a walk or drive type response.

They will likely be ready to more calmly discuss their feeling once they return. Pisces, like a few of the younger signs it carries qualities of can also appear dismissive toward others feeling, using their ability to disappear into themselves as a way to block out anything they would rather not deal with. 

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