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Who Is Whitney Cummings' Ex-Fiancé? New Details On Miles Skinner

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We all know and love Whitney Cummings for her hilarious stand-up routines, her acting on her own NBC sitcom "Whitney," and as the creator of "2 Broke Girls." She was also a producer and writer for the reboot of "Roseanne" — before it was canceled, of course.

Cummings always makes her fans laugh with her crazy antics on stage, though who knows if that’s just a persona. But what about her personal life?

Though she tends to keep mum on her romantic life and who she’s dating, unfortunately, we all found out about how she and her ex-fiancé called it quits after more than a year-long engagement

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Who is Miles Skinner?

What does Miles Skinner do for a living? Skinner works in advertising. His latest job was working as the Executive Creative Director / Special Projects of VICE Media from March 2017 to November 2020.

Skinner also worked as the group creative director of VICE Media and served as the creative director of VICE’s creative services subsidiary, VIRTUE Worldwide. Before working for VICE, he’s was a freelance brand strategist for companies like Nike, Ralph Lauren, the New York Rangers, and the New York Knicks.

Skinner and Cummings met on a dating app.

You probably don’t think apps like Tinder can make matches happen, but that’s how Cummings met her ex.

In a video she posted on Instagram with her engagement ring, she captioned it, “Today I got engaged. I handled it great! This just goes to show that if you work on yourself, trust your gut, and keep your ego in check, you too can find love on a dating app.” 

The couple began dating in early 2017.

Cummings has said she likes to keep things private, but when she appeared on "Conan" in November 2017, she revealed she had been in a relationship for 10 months and met her new guy on the internet.

Doing math, that means she and Skinner started dating in January or February of 2017.

Skinner proposed on her birthday.

Skinner got down on one knee on Cummings’ 36th birthday, September 4th. He proposed in front of her beloved rescue horse, King, and the comedienne was in complete shock.

“This is so weird. I would have gotten a manicure. What is happening? Is this real?” she said.

The couple broke up in February 2020.

The two were engaged for a year and five months before calling it quits in February 2020.

Whitney explained on her podcast, "Good For You," that the reason the two broke up was because she realized she wasn't ready. 

“Nothing nasty, no drama. It just wasn’t — I feel like nobody will believe me — I truly just was not ready to plan a wedding, the whole thing really overwhelmed me,” she said.

Cummings also mentioned it was hard for her to do wedding planning after her mother's stroke: “My mom is in bad shape health-wise... the idea of planning was just really overwhelming and kind of sad to me. I feel like planning a wedding should be fun and not a complete bummer.”

In March 2020, Cummings appeared on "Live with Kelly and Ryan." Kelly Ripa joked that her son, who had a crush on Cummings, was happy that Cummings had called off her engagement:

Ripa said that the engagement was "the happiest day of his life." Cummings took it in stride, eventually revealing, "I had some family drama and it just wasn't the right time and all the planning was so hectic."

Cummings wouldn't let Skinner watch her stand-up routines when they were together.

While appearing on "Conan" in 2017, Cummings revealed that she wanted to keep her romantic life private, refusing to let Skinner watch any of her stand-up. Perhaps she was trying to maintain a certain image of herself with him, but he could have just gone on the internet and looked up some of her routines, right?

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They are both passionate about animals.

Cummings is an animal activist and has done everything from helping animals in shelters to raising a rescue horse. Skinner is also passionate about the cause, owning dogs and supporting other causes: human rights, social action, and economic empowerment. 

What is Whitney Cummings' net worth?

Whitney Cummings' net worth is $30 million! That's pretty impressive seeing as she's only 38 years old!

Who is Whitney Cummings dating now?

Currently, it seems like Cummings isn't dating anyone; rather, she seems to just be having a good time living her life and loving her work.

She just featured the iconic Paris Hilton on her podcast, where the two talked about therapy, ADD meds, and her biggest fears, with a feature from Dan Levy in a FaceTime call. 

On April 10th, she shared the stage with fellow comedians Doug Benson and Margaret Cho for a new edition of the stand-up showcase, “Magic Asphalt: Drive-In Comedy Under the Stars." The show was hosted in the Magic Castle Hollywood parking lot.

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