Scary New Details About The Toddler Who Was Abducted After His Mom Accepted A Ride From A Stranger

Photo: Largo Police Department
Latest Jordan Belliveau Update Details Florida Largo Missing Toddler Kidnapped Amber Alert

Update: Two-year-old Jordan Belliveau of Largo, Florida was found dead on Tuesday evening after a three-day search. The Amber Alert, which went into effect on Sunday, is now canceled. According to NBC Miami, his body was found in a wooded area near Largo.

The Florida toddler was reported missing after his mother accepted a ride from a stranger. 

On the morning of Sunday, Sept. 2, police issued an Amber Alert for 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau. The toddler was reported missing by his 21-year-old mother, whose name has not been released by the police. The Tampa Bay Times reported that a stranger abducted the child after offering his mother a ride home.

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The abduction occurred around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday when Belliveau and his mother were walking home near Lake Avenue and East Bay Drive in Largo, Florida. According to People, a white Toyota Camry pulled up alongside the two as they walked.

The male suspect, who introduced himself as ‘Antwan,’ offered them a ride.

Belliveau’s mother told police that she accepted the ride reluctantly, only giving in because she was tired and doubted that she could carry Jordan the rest of the way home.

During the ride, the suspect became aggressive, arguing with Jordan’s mother. Soon, he hit her in the face, knocking her unconscious.

She woke up early Sunday morning in a nearby park without her son, and frantically called the police. 

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An Amber Alert was issued later that day, along with a description of the suspect and a police sketch. Antwan is a black man reportedly around 25 years of age with brown dreadlocks, brown eyes, and gold teeth.

At the time of the abduction, he was wearing a white tank top and black athletic shorts.

Largo Police Department

Investigators have reason to believe that Jordan is still in Antwan’s company.

The child is a black male who was last seen wearing a blue basketball uniform with the number 72. He also has a small scar under his chin and “a birthmark on the right side of his stomach.”  

As the search begins, police have issued a statement encouraging Jordan’s captor (or whoever he is with) to drop him off at a safe location such as the local fire department or library, no questions asked as long as he is unharmed. Locals to the area are encouraged to take part in the search by checking ponds, yards, streams and wooded areas around the town, as Belliveau may be alone now.

Bodies of water are specifically targeted, as a lone child could easily fall into one.

Authorities have also released a CCTV surveillance video which may lead to tips about the case. The video was taken the night of the disappearance around midnight and shows a man getting out of his car. Police believe that he may have spoken to Belliveau's mother and would like to speak with him for more information.

Anyone with details or information that may lead to Jordan’s rescue is encouraged to call 911 or the Largo Police Department directly at (727) 587-6730.

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