6 Disturbing Details From Kesha's Newly Unsealed Testimony Alleging Dr. Luke Raped Her

New information from the deposition was released this Monday.

6 Disturbing New Details From Kesha's Rape Case Desposition Against Dr. Luke instagram

New details from pop singer Kesha's rape case against music producer Dr. Luke have been revealed as information from her newly unsealed testimony has been released.

The long-running legal battle between the singer and her former producer has been going on since 2014 when Kesha first sued Dr. Luke for physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse, including rape. In turn, Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, then went on to counter-sue Kesha for defamation. 


The singer finally underwent a deposition in 2017, and now some court documents from the case have surfaced and disclosed some new details which involve not only Kesha but a few other well-known songstresses as well. 

So what has the current information from Kesha's testimony revealed about the case against Dr.Luke? Here are some of the newest details from the singer's deposition against the music producer.

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1. Kesha and Dr. Luke were partying with Paris Hilton on the night of the alleged incident.

In her deposition, Kesha revealed that she was at a nightclub with Dr. Luke and hotel heiress Paris Hilton on the night of October 5, 2005. The singer then stated that the rest of the night was blurry after she had been drinking and Dr. Luke had given her what she called a "sober pill."


Dr. Luke's statement claims that the pair attended a party at Hilton's home after they left the club and then went to the producer's hotel room after Kesha had been kicked out for becoming intoxicated at the party and allegedly throwing up in Hilton's closet.

While Kesha's testimony doesn't mention going to Hilton's home that night, only the club and Dr. Luke's hotel room, in 2010, the singer divulged in an interview that she had, in fact, been at a party at Hilton's home. When asked if she had "thrown up" in Hilton's closet, she responded, "I barfed in her closet. I ended up going to her house for a party, and I thought it was a bathroom. I was dancing too hard. And it turned out to be her closet."

Yet, it is still not certain that the event took place on the same night of the alleged rape since Kesha never identified a specific date in her interview.

2. Kesha claimed she was drugged.

In her testimony, the singer asserted that the night of the incident became hazy after Dr. Luke had given her what she referred to as a "sober pill." 


“So then, the next thing I remember is a flash of being in a vehicle…And the next thing I can recall is waking up in Dr. Luke’s hotel room." Kesha told the lawyers during her videotaped testimony. The singer also stated that she didn't remember what had happened during the alleged assault, but did remember how she felt after. “I’m saying I don’t remember, but I believe that Dr. Luke had raped me.” She also explained that she didn't go to the police due to her professional relationship with Dr. Luke. “I recently had signed my life away to this man, and I was embarrassed and terrified and ashamed and sick and confused.”

3. Kesha's former producer Kool Kojak testified against her.

Kool Kojak was another music producer who had worked with Kesha and Dr. Luke in 2008 on the song Right Round. Kojak claimed that he had known the singer before their collaboration in 2008 and that she had always been into partying and being carefree. He also testified that she was known for making sexual comments during their working sessions, but that Dr. Luke had never made any towards her.

But in what is perhaps the most disturbing revelation from his testimony, Kojak alleged that Kesha had once forced her assistant to drink her urine. 


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4. Katy Perry didn't want her part of the testimony to go public.

Fellow songstress Katy Perry is also involved in Kesha's case against Dr. Luke. Kesha claimed that she had sent a text to another pop star, Lady Gaga, in which she had said that the producer raped Perry. Dr. Luke has denied these claims and states that Kesha's text was a lie. Although Perry did testify in the case, both she and her lawyer wanted her part of it to be kept private due to the possible "harm it would cause to her career and reputation." 

However, Perry's deposition was released on Monday with the rest of the case. It revealed that Perry had denied the sexual assault accusation involving her and Dr. Luke and that she had also denied that the producer had made any other unprofessional advances towards her.


5. Lady Gaga's testimony was also revealed.

Lady Gaga divulged that she had been starting to text Kesha in 2014 after the complaint against Dr. Luke was filed. “I saw information about Kesha that was related to her having difficulty getting away from a record producer that had allegedly raped her,” Gaga said. Gaga also claimed that record executive John Janick had told her that he heard about the incident with Perry and Dr. Luke. “He said something like I heard he raped Katy, too,” she told the court. "He said he had heard a rumor.”

6. Many other famous singers have supported Kesha in her testimony.

Songstresses Pink and Avril Lavigne are a few other singers who have been revealed to have sided with Kesha in the deposition. Both were unwilling to collaborate with Dr. Luke, but had said that their decisions had nothing to do with Kesha.

However, one of the most notable testimonies released was from singer Kelly Clarkson. She defined the music producer as being a "bully" in her testimony among other revelations she made about him. “In general, I don’t know anyone that likes him. … People have said he is sleazy. People have said he is belittling, the same kind of things that I say. He is very, I mean, just to be blunt, he can be kind of a bully and demeaning. I don’t like him as a person.” 


Dr. Luke has denied all these claims. Although these new details from the testimony have been released, the case is still currently ongoing and has not yet reached an ultimate decision.

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