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Sad New Details And Rumors About We Came As Romans Singer Kyle Pavone's Cause Of Death

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Details About Kyle Pavone's Cause Of Death

Fans, family, and other members of popular metalcore band We Came As Romans felt a sad loss this past Saturday when the band's vocalist, Kyle Pavone was pronounced dead.

The 28-year-old singer passed away on the morning of August 25. The band released the sad news via their social media with the following message, "Today music lost another great with the passing of Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans. Kyle's tragic loss came too early in his life and those of his bandmates. All are devastated by his passing. We will miss his smiles, his sincerity, his concern for others, and his impressive musical talent." 

Kyle Pavone's cause of death is still currently unknown. However, there are some clues and rumors as to what may have possibly been the source of the tragedy. Here are some details and rumors that are presently surrounding Pavone's tragic passing.

1. Did Pavone die of an overdose?

Although the singer's cause of death has not been released yet, some fans are suspecting that it may have been a drug overdose. Fellow musician Yung Yogi sent out a tweet on Saturday morning after the news broke and the tweet indicated that Pavone may have been struggling with addiction. 

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2. He was hospitalized a week before his passing.

Pavone was reportedly taken to a hospital in Michigan on August 19, which was practically a full week before his death. However, the reason for the singer's week-long hospitalization remains uncertain.

3. Pavone had recently faced assault allegations.

In November 2017, a woman sent a tweet that accused the singer of assault. In the tweet, she alleged that Pavone had physically assaulted her three years ago at a festival.

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4. He may have been battling depression.

Some recent conversations on Reddit have revealed that the singer may have been battling depression. "The details of his death are unknown but he was known to have been fighting against drugs and depression."

In an interview from 2015, Pavone had praised the band for being able to tackle very personal topics in their songs. “There are more issues we want to bring up (in songwriting) and we’re not afraid to bring up those issues anymore,” Pavone said. “We’re not trying to hold back on what we’re really thinking.”

5. Do Pavone's tweets point to his real cause of death?

Fans have also wondered whether one of the singer's last tweets could have had an underlying message in regard to his death. On August 18, which was only a day before he was hospitalized, Pavone tweeted a specific lyric from his band's song, Promise Me. "Will i be remembered or will i be lost in loving eyes," are the words from the song that Pavone chose to tweet. The band also wrote the same sentence on their Instagram page under their post regarding the singer's passing. 

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