Who Is Shanann Watts' Dad? New Details On Frank Rzucek Sr.

He just wants justice for his daughter and granddaughters.

Who Is Shannan n Watts' Dad? Instagram

Who Is Shanann  Watts' dad? Although the story is far from over for Shanann Watts' family, they can finally have a little bit closure knowing the murderer who killed the mother and her two daughters is getting what he deserves.

Chris Watts admitted to slaying his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their children, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, and hiding their bodies, which were found late last week in a shallow grave and nearby oil tanks.


The case that shocked a nation had a brutal end and Shanann Watts' father, Frank Rzucek Sr., is understandably heartbroken over the grim outcome, visibly weeping in the courtroom when the judge read the charges against his son-in-law.

Chris Watts was charged with five counts of murder, one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and three counts of tampering with evidence in his family's deaths Tuesday. He was given two charges for each of his daughters, one for a child who "had not yet attained twelve years of age" and another because he "was in a position of trust." In court, the husband of slain Shanann Watts only responded with "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and was sentenced to a minimum of life in prison and a maximum of death, NBC reports.


Here's what we know about Shanann Wats' father, Frank Rzucek Sr.

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1. Rzucek cried in court as Chris Watts was read his charges.

The Denver Post via AP


As a judge explained that Chris Watts was charged with five counts of murder in the deaths of his wife and two daughters, Rzucek cried into his hands. He sat next to his son, Frankie, who comforted his heartbroken father with a solemn face. 

2. He thanked everyone for their support.

Rzucek spoke to reporters for the first time on Monday and thanked everyone for their prayers and support during this tough time.


"We would like to thank everyone and the Fredrick police department and all the agencies involved for working so hard to find my daughter, granddaughters, and Niko," he said, holding back tears. "Thank you everyone for coming out to the candlelight vigil and saying all your prayers. They're greatly appreciated."

At the news conference the Weld County police department announced the charges given to Chris Watts. 

"Keep the prayers coming for our family," Rzucek said.

3. He wants justice.

Understandably, Rzucek wants justice for his daughter and granddaughters in this trying time.


"As a family, our hope is that justice will be served," the family said in a statement to NBC.

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4. Shanann and her daughters were very near to his heart.


Rzucek's Facebook shows that his daughter and grandkids were very near and dear to him. It is flooded with photos of a smiling Shanann and happy Bella and Celeste over the years. Since the mother and her two children disappeared, Rzucek has made sure to express his love, sharing pictures of the slain family over the years with loving captions.


"Hi baby doll Pop Pop loves you," he wrote on one post.

5. He has been showered with love and prayers on Facebook.


Rzucek has uploaded many photos of his daughter and granddaughters since they first went missing. People all over the world, from Louisiana to Norway, have left hundreds of comments expressing their sorrow, condolences, and support for the grieving father and family of Shanann Watts.


"We are with you and praying for your family in Washington state," one user wrote. 

"Watching and praying from Oklahoma," another commented. "Your family hasn't left my mind. I know your daughter, the girls and Niko are in heaven experiencing riches we know not of from a God who loves them. He is with you in your pain. The world is crying for your heart."

6. He was unable to make it to the candlelight vigil.

A candlelight vigil was held for Shanann Watts and her daughters, Bella and Celeste, but Rzucek was not able to attend.


Over 100 people showed up at the Watts' Colorado home Friday to remember the family and support their relatives. Family, friends, and strangers left candles, handwritten notes, and flowers in honor of the slain mother and children  and the some recorded the event for Shanann's parents.

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