Are Iggy Azalea And DeAndre Hopkins Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Relationship

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Are Iggy Azalea And DeAndre Hopkins Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Relationship

While we know Iggy Azalea for her mumbled raps and fake butt, we also probably remember when she had her heart broken by her once-fiance Nick Young. She called off their engagement after discovering he was cheating on her via the security footage from their home. Young’s teammate, D'Angelo Russell, even alluded to Young’s cheating ways but Azalea finally found out for herself.

Thankfully, Azalea got her revenge, revealing on Watch What Happens Live that she burned all his things. “I burnt it all, darling... Every designer you could think of, I’ve burned,” she said.

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But does she have a new man in her life? Is Iggy Azalea dating DeAndre Hopkins, a wide receiver for the Houston Texans?

In an interview with Y100 Miami, she was asked if she prefers the Miami Dolphins or the Houston Texans. The host then asked her “Do you know why I’m asking you this?” and Azalea responded, while laughing before answering, “Yes.”


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“DeAndre Hopkins, are we dating, or what’s the situation?” the host continued. “Yeah, we’re in a relationship,” Azalea finally answered.

The two also sparked rumors after Hopkins posted a photo of him on Instagram with the caption “My Aussies call me Legend,” where Azalea then wrote, “I could think of a few other things to call you.” Cue an internet explosion.


My Aussies call me Legend.

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But all good things must come to an end, right? Which is exactly what happened just a few hours later when Azalea said she was single on Twitter! In a series of tweets, she explained that not only is she single, but she will probably be single forever.

Talk about driving the point home! As for Hopkins, he also chimed in and shared on Twitter that he is as single as they come.

Well, although she is technically single, it was fun to think for a little bit that she had found love again. Until then, maybe she should stay away from professional athletes because she doesn’t seem to have much luck with them.

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