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Did Travis Scott Admit To Cheating On Kylie Jenner? A Theory Suggests He Had An Affair During Her Pregnancy

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Did Travis Scott Cheat On Kylie? Details Theory Stargazing Lyrics About Cheating On Pregnant Kylie

Despite their consistent united front, fans are theorizing that Travis Scott might have been unfaithful to Kylie Jenner during her pregnancy — thanks to his new song. 

Last night, Scott dropped his new album Astroworld, and the lyrics to the song "Stargazing" seem to be a hint that he may have cheated. 

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The lyrics are both very graphic and highly cryptic. It's easy to see why some think they allude to a cheating scandal. 

“Bounce that s--t forever, she on both knees / She was talkin’ ’bout forever got a whole week / But she know my baby momma is a trophy."

"She be throwing up them B’s feel like we both bleed / She keep my d--k jumpin up, feel like I’m Moby / I’m way too gold for this beef, feel like I’m Kobe.”

As far as we know, Stormi Webster is Scott's only child, so it's safe to assume that the "baby momma" he's referring to is Jenner. But the identity of the woman who was "talkin' 'bout forever got a whole week" is totally unknown. 

There were rumors flying this past January that Jenner found out Scott cheated on her with several women during her pregnancy. Those rumors were never confirmed but these new song lyrics sure do make you wonder. 

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"Kylie and Travis got into a blowout fight after he showed up unexpectedly to her mother Kris‘ house, where she’s been staying lately. She flipped out on him and accused him of cheating on her with several women during her pregnancy, including a girl that she is kinda friends with,” a source told Radar Online a few months ago. 

Before that, another source claimed that Scott had been cheating on Jenner since last summer with a "hot 20-year-old he met while making a music video."

"He can’t be that serious with Kylie. He’s hooking up with another girl! It’s really sad because Kylie obviously wants to make this relationship work," the source. 

If Scott was unfaithful, the two seem to have put it behind them. Earlier in the song "Stargazing," he talks about how Jenner turned his life around. 

"I was always high up on the lean (yeah, yeah) / Then this girl came here to save my life / Look up to the sky, down on my knees (straight up) / Out of nowhere, you came here to stay the night.”

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