4 Ways To Start Conversation With Your Uber Driver (So It's Not So Awkward)

Uber and Lyft rides are great ways to get around town, but they come with some awkward consequences.

4 Ways To Start Conversation With Your Uber Driver and Lyft Driver (So It's Not So Awkward)

Taxi alternative services like Uber and Lyft are growing more and more popular every day, and many people use these apps to get transportation to work, play and everywhere in between quite often — especially millennials. It's easy if you have a phone that can download the apps and connect your form of payment.

Simple as that and you're ready go practically anywhere in the U.S.A.

Setting up the app and getting the ride is easy, but riding with someone you don't know can be nerve-wracking  you don't want to embarrass yourself and say the wrong thing and be stuck in the car for the most awkward 30 minutes in your life. 


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For me, when I use Uber I try to be friendly and say hello, to start. If the Uber driver seems like they want to talk, I talk, and if they are giving off the impression that they're uninterested in having a conversation, then I just don't talk. It is awkward, especially if it is a long ride, to stay silent with someone when they are driving you somewhere.


If you are wondering how to start the conversation going with your Uber or Lyft driver, it's important to remember a few things:

First, remember there may be many reasons why you are not able to communicate with your driver. Your driver could be hard of hearing, they may have had a previous passenger who wasn't very pleasant, and they are still trying to recover. Maybe your driver speaks a different language and can't understand you, or perharps your driver is just shy.

There may be many more reasons, so don't immediately blame yourself if the conversation doesn't go the way you want it to. You're not in their car forever, but it's great to know that your driver is interested in talking to you and wants to have a great conversation with you. 

Ride share apps have offered many of us the opportunity to get where we need to go without the expense of paying for a taxi or the hassel of asking a friend for a ride. Its easy, convenient and super efficient. Companies like Uber and Lyft also provide opportunities for supplementary income to help drivers care for themselves and their families. 


Here are some ways to enjoy your ride and spark conversation with your Uber driver or Lyft driver without it getting too awkward:

1. Ask them how long they've worked as a driver.

It might feel weird to start a conversation this way, but a lot of people have been with Uber for long or short periods of time. People often tell you why they started Ubering if you ask them this question. People have a variety of reasons why they started driving  driving on the side to make extra money, maybe they are out of job and Ubering has helped them during that transition, or there are plenty of people who drive full-time, and they love the freedom it provides.

Many conversations can be derived from asking how long you driver has been with Uber or Lyft. Tred lightly though, if your driver doesn't want to pursue this topic of conversation, don't push it. Some drivers prefer to maintain their privacy, just like you would. 

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2. Ask about what your driver does, besides drive.

Most people who work for Uber and Lyft aren't just drivers. Many drivers have skills and experience in all sorts of industries and pursue other hobbies in their free time. Many people who drive are teachers, people who are retired, people who are in college and millennials who want extra cash.

This topic of conversation can get interesting because you get to know things about somebody and what they do or used to do. You never know, maybe you can learn about a subject you never fully grasped or discover something new.

Finding out what you Uber driver does for a living will make for an interesting conversation and for a less awkward ride to your destination.

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3. Talk about hobbies.

Hobbies. Everybody has them, right? People don't always work 24/7. Usually, people have hobbies that relax them or teach them about new things and introduce them to new people. Asking your driver what they like to do during their free time can lead to a fun and exciting conversation.

There are a wide range of hobbies and activities that people can participate in. Learning about new hobbies and asking how they are performed and how to participate in these hobbies will make you learn more about your Uber driver and maybe realize that you want to try the hobbies that they are interested in, too!

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4. Talk about family.

Family can be a tricky topic of conversation, and not all Uber drivers will come forth with information about their family. That's OK, though. You are a stranger riding in their car, and they don't really know you that well. 


However, if they do open up about their family, listen and don't interrupt them. From my experience, when people talk about family, they talk about being an immigrant or their children going away to college or starting primary school — people's stories come from all walks of life and it can be really interesting to learn something new about a person or culture other than your own. 

I also noticed that, when people talk about their family, they take pride in their family's accomplishments and successes. Maybe you will even learn about a different culture or lifestyle! So just remember to listen and be open to learn about new things.

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