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Who Is CJ SO COOL? Awful Details About The YouTuber Accused Of Physically And Mentally Abusing His Kids For Views

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Is CJ SO COOL Dog Dead? Details YouTuber Cordero James Brandy Accused Of Abusing Prank Kids On Video

In an increased effort to stop channels from creating violent and offensive content, YouTube banned the controversial CJ SO COOL last week. 

With over 5.6 million subscribers, CJ SO COOL features Cordero James Brady frequently "pranks" his three kids by doing things like shooting off fireworks while they're sleeping, cutting their hair, pretending to feed them dog feces and even pretending to kill them. 

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One of his videos (which has since been removed) was titled: "Gave The Kids Laxative Prank."

According to Babe.netBrady hides Pedia-Lax in bowls of ice cream and then feeds them to his children. Once the laxatives kick in, he films them screaming and crying and even sitting on the toilet as they try to close the bathroom door on him. 

"My stomach hurts," one of the children reportedly yelled. 

"Oh my goodness," Brady says while filming, "this boy's stomach is broken!"

In another video, he lights fireworks inside his children's bedroom while they're sleeping. 

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"It's a prank because they think somebody was shooting," he says on camera to his partner, Royalty. "CJ SO COOL will always be the king of pranks!" 

Brady has even gone as far as pranking his partner with the death of their infant daughter. As Royalty comes running outside to save the child — who was made to look like she was drowning in the pool — Brady yells: "It's a prank, sucker!" 

And in a very somber video, Brady videos Royalty while she's in a hospital bed, recovering from surgery. He tells viewers that they had suffered a miscarriage. 

"We prayed for the baby, we prayed for a positive outcome," he says in the video. "But she lost the baby and she lost the tube. So now we just want her to get well so we can go back to regular life. I’m going to be careful to make sure I get can my pull out game fixed so this won’t happen again."

A child abuse expert told Babe that the videos were "horrific." 

"Harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That's child endangerment," said Dr. Kortney Peagram, founder of the anti-child abuse organization Bulldog Solution. 

"That [Brady is] harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other is really disturbing. He’s modeling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter… He’s teaching his children that it’s OK to harm each other for a good laugh."

A YouTube spokesperson told Babe: "Content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it."

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