8 Details About Sara Elen Thomas, Tour De France Winner Geraint Thomas' Wife

Who's the winning cyclist's wife?

Is Geraint Thomas Married? 8 Details About The Tour De France Winner's Wife Sara Elen Thomas instagram

On Sunday, cyclist Geraint Thomas took home the first place title in the 2018 Tour de France, the first Welshman to win the race. Thomas crossed the finish line with only a one minute and fifty-one second lead over Tom Dumoulin of the Netherlands, who came in second place. 

However, Thomas wasn't the only one celebrating his incredible win. The cyclist's wife, Sara Elen Thomas, was waiting at the finish line to embrace her husband after the race was over.


So who is Sara Elen Thomas? Here are some details about Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas's wife, Sara Elen.

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1. They've known each other since 2007.


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The couple met in 2007 through friends. Sara Elen was still attending university at the time. She explained in an interview that her friend had been seeing a friend of Thomas's and that they went with them out on a date. "I met Geraint through a mutual friend in Cardiff. My friend and Geraint’s friend had a bit of a thing going on, so they dragged both Geraint and me along for a night out," she said. "Then Geraint and me ended up bumping into each other two weeks later, two years on, our friends aren’t speaking and Geraint and me are still together!"


2. It wasn't "love at first sight."

Sara Elen admitted that the relationship took time to develop. "Well the first two times I met Geraint he’d had a few so wouldn’t exactly say it was love at first site!!" she explained in the interview. "I did like him though, and the more I got to know him the more I did, so I’d say it was somewhere in between!"

3. They've been married for almost four years.

Geraint proposed to Sara in 2013, but they didn't get married until October 2015. The couple — who now lives in Monaco — got married at St. Tewdrics House in Wales, which they later bought and now run together as a wedding venue. 

4. Sara speaks fluent Welsh.

She attended a Welsh Speaking school and is fluent in Welsh. Sara also went to Liverpool University, where she majored in Physiology. 


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5. She comes from a close family.

Sara grew up in Cardiff, Wales with her parents. She also has an older brother. She has revealed that her family is also close with Geraint and have even come up with a rather interesting nickname for him. "My brother has nicknamed him 'King Dick' because apparently my dad and brother don’t get much of a look in when Geraint’s home!" Sara Elen told BritishCycling.org.

6. Sara used to be a TV presenter for the race.

Sara previously worked as an anchor on television covering the Tour de France. However, she's confessed to not knowing much about the sport before she met Geraint. "No! I didn’t have a clue about cycling before meeting Geraint, I’m getting a bit more clued up now though!" she said. "Well, I know what the peloton is…"

7. Sara and Geraint have an interesting tradition before races.

The couple seem to have a particular tradition they partake in before the Tour starts each year: Sara cuts Geraint's hair. Every year before the competition begins, the cyclist will post a photo to his Instagram of his wife cutting his hair. They've never really explained the reason why Sara does this, but maybe the ritual is for good luck — it certainly worked for them this year!


8. They've traveled the world together.


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The couple obviously loves to travel, since they often share photos on their Instagram pages of their various adventures around the world. Places they've visited have included France, Africa, and Iceland.

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