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How The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Mood And Your Sleep, According To Science

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How Blood Moon July 27 Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Sleep

Remember that episode of Friends where nobody sleeps, and Phoebe gets into an emotionally charged fight with a smoke detector? Well, that could very well be the reality we're all living in thanks to tonight's Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

On July 27, the moon will be in the Earth's shadow for a total of 103 minutes — which is the longest lunar eclipse of this century. And apparently, this extra-long eclipse is going to wreak some havoc on our personal R&R. 

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A study conducted by Christian Cajochen found that moon cycle shifts can disrupt our sleep. 

He found that during a lunar eclipse you are more likely to a) sleep for 20 minutes less, b) take 5 minutes longer to fall asleep and c) experience a 30% decrease in your deep sleep. The link between sleep and the moon was found by studying the sleep cycles of 33 adults for three years. 

The study also found that sleep disruptions were at their peak during the full moon. 

The report reads that “melatonin levels dropping during the days surrounding the full moon and subjects reporting feeling less refreshed the next day,” and “overall sleep time dropping to their lowest levels - an average of 20 minutes less sleep - on nights with a full moon.”

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While the link between the moon cycles and sleep seems pretty legit, the reasons as to why remain a mystery. One theory is that the moon is brighter during full moons and some eclipses, which would understandably affect someone's sleep. 

Another theory is that the lack of sleep is a result of the moon's relationship with the tides, and how it does have a proven gravitational pull on our earth and oceans. 

Some researchers also wonder if humans have an "internal biological rhythm" that might be linked to the moon's cycle. This eclipse — as well as other moon cycle shifts — could also have a major impact on our moods. 

"Have you ever thought about what the term lunatic actually means?" University of California Professor Dr. Matt Walker asked The Daily Mail. "It comes from the notion that something happens, physiologically and mentally, to human beings during the full moon."

According to Dr. Walker, women experience a drop in REM sleep, while men experience a spike in it. So women could find themselves feeling extra restless and moody after tonight's Blood Moon. 

Walker also said the moon is at it's "peak size," which could make some people hungry. 

So, is this really a Blood Moon or just another Friday? Only science will know. 

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