Is LaLa Kent Pregnant? New Rumors The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Is Expecting A Baby

Is the Vanderpump Rules star expecting?

is lala kent pregnant

Is Lala Kent pregnant? Vanderpump Rules might be between seasons, but that doesn't mean that the drama has remotely stopped — are you surprised? First there was Brittany getting engaged to Jax, then there was the news that TomTom was actually opening (FINALLY), and now rumors are swirling that one of the members of the cast is PREGNANT. I can't. I nearly had a heart attack. It's like hearing that I myself was pregnant: A dramatic and not-necessarily-welcome shock. 


Of course, fans quickly began speculating who could be "up the duff" and people quickly decided that it has to be Katie Maloney Schwartz. Although the season dedicated to her wedding was rough stuff (to say the very least), least season Katie and her newly-wedded husband Tom Schwartz seemed to be savoring every moment of wedded bliss.

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Heck, when Katie heard that Tom made out with another girl at a bar while drunk, she didn't even let it phase her — so clearly they're good? I guess? Anyhoo, last season the two also talked about having kids, with Katie cooing "I want babies," during one episode. 


But if you want my honest opinion, I don't think it's likely that Katie is pregnant, at least, not quite yet. I do, however, think there is someone on Vanderpump Rules who may be pregnant. Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, hear this speculation: If a member of the Vanderpump Rules cast is pregnant, it's got to be LaLa Kent. Let's break down my reasons why so you can all do the decent thing and totally agree with everything I have to say. 

1. She's gained weight 

Because she's a public figure, when LaLa loses or gains weight, people notice, and people comment — because aren't people just the greatest? (JK, all people are the worst, this is a fact, learn it, and learn it well). 

Fans of Vanderpump Rules are perhaps a little harsher with Lala about her appearance since she once dismissed the rest of the girls of the cast as being "not ready for summer" bodies. Thankfully, that kind of girl-on-girl is done (at least for the time being) and Lala seems to be all about embracing feminism. 

Feminist or not, when her appearance changes people notice and comment, and her recent transformation left tongues wagging: was Lala's weight gain caused by pregnancy? 


Furniture picking day with @jljefflewis

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During an Instagram live session, she addressed her changing figure:

"I've wanted a thick ass and thick thighs for a really long time, so my trainer came up with a plan. I decided that I was going take a week off of working out over the Fourth of July and I was going to jampack my diet full of bullsh**. Like fried chicken, cornbread. I pretty much ate everything in sight to pack on the weight. Now, you pack on all that weight so you can officially diet and put the fat into all the right places." 


Now that the fun week is over, the work begins, or so Lala claims. She says it's back to that healthy life of avocados for dinner and working with her trainer to help her redistribute the weight that she's gained:

We're going to distribute the weight where we want it," she said. I don't think that's how the human body works, but if she wants to play it that way, all the more power to her. 

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This explanation wasn't quite enough for some fans who pointed out that Lala loves a cosmetic procedure. Surely, if she just wanted to change the shape of her body she wouldn't hesitate to go under the knife, right? Could this all be a cover for her pregnancy? 


Not according to Lala: "I'm so down for anyone who goes the alternative route and gets injections. For me, I get worried about that. I'm totally into fake tits because I can't squat my tits to make them bigger."

2. She's quit drinking

If Lala was hoping that by opening up and sharing about her body-shaping journey on Instagram Live would silence speculation about her alleged pregnancy she was wrong. 

That's because Lala also shared on Instagram that she was done with the drinking life, celebrating 30 days of sobriety. 


Happy 30 days with no drank, Lala  @glamrocksjewelry

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Could she be getting her body ready for body and treating it right by giving up booze? That could be the case but if it is the star is staying totally mum about it — at least for now. 


Skeptics about her pregnancy point out this isn't the first time Lala has given up alcohol, which could point to a history of a troubled relationship with substances rather than a baby cooking away inside of her hot bod. 

3. She's already playing mom.

Lala might not be a mom yet but she's certainly had some experience when it comes to playing mom.


She spends loads of time with her boyfriend of two years Randall Emmett and his two children, with whom she shares a super-close bond.


Girl Time

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In addition to this, she and Emmett have already talked marriage, and she and he are working together to redecorate the house they share together. 


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The couple hasn't officially announced that they are living together, but a recent Instagram post featuring Bravo celebrity designer Jeff Lewis makes it clear that the duo have and are enjoying making the house they are now sharing a home together. 


Furniture picking day with @jljefflewis

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If that doesn't sound like feathering a nest I don't know what does!


Though of course, only time and Lala's booty will tell ... that's where babies come from, right? 

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