What Your Body Type Can Reveal About Your Personality & Approach To Weight Loss

It's about more than the width of your hips.

The Best Way To Lose Weight Based On Your Body Type & Personality Carolyn Mein

When it comes to your health and weight loss, the best way to lose weight isn't some fad diet or new exercise routine — it's about doing what's right for your personality and body type.


So, what is your body type exactly?

According to YourTango Expert Dr. Carolyn Mein, a chiropractic physician, your body type is more than how your body is shaped (like whether you’re an “hourglass” or a “pear"). Your body type a way to determine how your body processes everything — from food to emotions. 

It can even reveal what time of day you should workout to take advantage of your energy level or what type of breakfast is best for your body type's metabolism — so you can build informed weight loss strategies and learn the best way to lose weight, based on your body type and personality.


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Mein explains, in the YourTango Experts video above, that there are 25 different body types — and each body type has a "best way" to lose weight.

Some people spend years trying to get into a groove with healthy eating and exercise habits, but they never feels quite right. Or, worse yet, it feels like a struggle that zaps your energy, causes you to lose hope, and leaves you feeling utterly unmotivated to keep working toward your weight loss goals.

It boils down to this: When you try to force your body to adapt and lose weight in a way it clearly isn't happy with — whether it's a Keto diet, intermittent fasting plan, or a new, rigorous workout schedule — it won't work. 


That's why figuring out your body type and knowing what your type needs is critical to your weight loss success.

For some body types, waking up early and hitting the gym after a protein-packed breakfast feels like the most natural thing in the world. For others, working out makes more sense because it's a way to release extra energy and stress.

So before you start mentally beating yourself up about not reaching your weight loss goals, first determine your body type. This will allow you to figure out your body's best way to lose wight, so you can set yourself up for success. 

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Dr. Carolyn L. Mein is a chiropractic physician with an active practice in Rancho Santa Fe, CA who developed the 25-body type system as a way to help her patients attain and maintain their ideal weight and energy levels by eating the foods that best support their bodies. She is also the author of Different Bodies, Different Diets. To learn more about the 25-body type system and determine your body type, go to Bodytype.com

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