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What Makes Your Zodiac Sign Exhausted, According To Astrology

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Why Your Zodiac Sign Is Always Tired, According To Astrology

We all need to sleep. It is a requirement our body needs to stay healthy and fit. Not sleeping can lead to poor health, and poor performance when it comes to a menial and advanced task. Depending on your age you need a lot or less sleep than normal.

Teens on average can sleep more than 8 hours per day, while adults can survive with less than 8 hours a sleep per day. Sleeping is fun and relaxing and can initiate your brain to produce dreams. Have you ever had bad dreams while you were asleep or dreams that are very unusual, or beyond your wildest imagination?

Sleep is needed, but people get tired for all sorts of reasons. Many people tire due to strenuous activity like exercising, working all day, or playing sports perhaps. Other people succumb to being tired because they are sick, have a poor diet or are in stressful situations.

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Many people today are on the go non-stop and can't afford to sit down and take air. Out there, there are many ways to defeat the sense of feeling tired. Whether it is taking supplements like vitamins and minerals, eating a healthy diet, or sitting the doctor more often, there are ways to stay up and be active. 

For me when I was a kid I allowed myself to foods that were saturated in sugar and felt so sluggish. Not until I changed my diet and started exercising did I realize that eating right was a good way to go to keep me active and less tired. 

Another reason you might be tired is that of stressed and depressed. When you are in a depressive state your body and thinking is slowed dramatically. Most people will say to see a psychiatrist if you are feeling this way. In reality, most people don't have access to a physiologist because they don't have the insurance to cover the cost of seeing a psychologist.

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Hanging out with friends and having a purpose in life, and goals, in my opinion, will make you get out of your depressive state. Being social and having something to look forward to gives you a reason to move and a reason to focus your brain on something else

You don't have to feel tired, and there are solutions to feeling like our moving in slow motion. When a horoscope sign is tired there is no telling what they can do. With there pros and cons to their behavior, anything is possible. Are you excited to read how all the zodiac signs get tired, and how they snap out of it, according to astrology.

1. ARIES (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

You love feeling alive, don't we all., but you take it to the extreme. You are always pushing your limit and your boundaries. When people say you cant do something you do it anyway and prove them wrong. You tire fast because you are always on the go and have your mind racing constantly. You need to take a chill pill and take your energy down a notch, or you will find yourself in the hospital or worse. You love to push yourself and that's great, but you might be going full speed ahead for the people that you love and care for. Watch yourself.

2. TAURUS (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

You don't like it when someone has what you have. You spend your time and money trying to outdo yourself when the only person you need to be ok with is you. You need validation and won't stop wrestling with yourself until you find what you are looking for.  Your jealousy may take a turn for the worse if you don't put it in check. You are special in your own way, you just need to wholeheartedly believe that.  Stop trying to chase something that is unattainable. What you need is right in front of you.

3. GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)

You are a one woman and one man show. You like to do everything and be in control of everything as well. Admit you like to be your own boss, and that's great. You need to work on collaborating as a team. If you distribute the work, you will have less on your back and more time for yourself. Its up to you. You don't want to work yourself to death. Learn to work as a part of a team or risk losing it all. Its your choice.

4. CANCER (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)

You are very adaptable and love change. You don't like things staying the same because you like your mind to be a challenge and you love to meet new people and meet new challenges to solve. You tire easily because you have you to adapt to different people, moods and places on the dime. It time for some stability in your life. You cant always change for people. Let some people adapt to you and be consistent.  Change is good. but there is nothing wrong with being consistent.

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5. LEO (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)

You are generous, always giving when you have nothing at all. You grow tired of going people what they want, but you never get anything back in rerun. Its ok to say "no" to people. People see you as a free ATM and that has to change. Tighten you wallet and expand your mind and you will the people who are there for you and who aren't. You need your "me time" as well, take a day off and do what you want to do. You will be less tired and in the right frame of mind.


You have a perfectionist nature, and that's ok sometimes. People see you as the person that can get the job done, but not socialize. People are afraid to approach you and that's not good. You get tired of always being right and want to create social bonds that will let people see the real you. you need to loosen up a bit, or your health will be affected by the stress you but on yourself to be perfect all the time. We all have flaws, it how we deal with our flaws that shows our character.


You cant be alone. You need people to validate you and you need people to tell you your next step in life. Take the reins in your life and hack it on your own. It might be scary, but you might see a new perspective that you didn't see and you might learn something about yourself.  Your mind is growing tired of you letting people dictate your future. Clear your mind and decide what you want. Right now you are acting like a drone and you need to start acting like an independent leader.


You love to make people laugh and you love that you don't walk a straight path. You love the outdoors and love the feeling of being free. You take Freedom too literally though. You don't abide by the rules and often get yourself in trouble. aren't you tired of having no structure. There are benefits of having a routine.  schedule are fun you know. Having structure will give you both a sense of normalcy and will decrease stress.

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You love to make people laugh and you love that you don't walk a straight path. You love the outdoors and love the feeling of being free. You take Freedom too literally though. You don't abide by the rules and often get yourself in trouble. aren't you tired of having no structure. There are benefits of having a routine.  schedule are fun you know. Having structure will give you both a sense of normalcy and will decreases stress.


You are very expressive with your thoughts and words and that can be a two way street. You can either come off as a smart ass or an intelligent person. Watch what you say and how you say it. It ok to express your feeling, but don't do it when you think you will hurt someones feelings in return. You may feel tired of watching what you say, but it will pay off in the end.


Of course your tired. Your making the world a better place. When do you have time for yourself and your friends. It great to help people, and you being tired shows that you care. Its ok to take a break or hire an assistant to help. You have never really asked for an assistant your whole life so it might be weird, but trust me your body will thank you for it. Your good karma will be given back to you in positive ways and you should be happy. Hang in there, because you are worth it.


You are a sucker, admit it. You get pulled around by so many people. You need to stand up for yourself. With doing a menial task to having people constantly take advantage of you and talk at you, you don't know who you are and how to say "no". If you let people push you around like this will have no self esteem and will get tired mentally and physically because people don't care about you and how you feel. You need to find people who care for you and regain your energy for people who deserve it.