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Who Is Selena Gomez's New Boyfriend? 3 Things To Know About Italian Producer Andrea Iervolino — Including How He Was Once Sued For Sexual Assault

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Who Is Selena Gomez Dating? New Details Secret Relationship Italian Producer Andrea Iervolino After Bieber Split

Looks like Selena Gomez might finally be moving on from Justin Bieber. 

While her ex-boyfriend has been running around New York City with his new boo Hailey Baldwin, Selena's been in Italy with her new secret boyfriend. 

His name is Andrea Iervolino, and he's a 30-year-old Italian producer. 

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On June 19, Selena, 25, Andrea and a friend were seen strolling around Italy's capital and getting cozy inside a pedicab. While they haven't officially confirmed a romance yet, the singer definitely seems to be enjoying all the potential opportunities the country has to offer. 

“Some of the local, cute Italian guys have been hitting on her, which she found very flattering. She finds their accents hard to rest,” the insider said. “But, she is taking time to heal, and trying something new, just being single for a while.” 

After the last breakup in her on-again-off-again romance with Bieber, sources say Selena is just looking to chill. In addition to hanging with Andrea, she also spent time with her Wizards of Waverly Place TV-brother David Henrie and his wife.

“Selena has cut off all communication with Justin. She is enjoying her European vacation with David his wife, and friends and is doing her best to keep her mind off her relationship issues and any other problems back home.”

Still, the PDA between Justin and Hailey is getting to her, so maybe she's distracting herself with a new beau? Here are five things you need to know about her potential new boyfriend Andrea Iervolino:

1. He's known Selena for a while. 

In 2016, Andrea produced In Dubious Battle, which Selena starred in alongside James Franco. He made his United States producing debut in 2004 with the film The Merchant of Venice.

Andrea was also named the Producer to Watch in 2016 by Variety. 

2. He suffered from a stutter as a child. 

Growing up, Andrea suffered from a severe stutter that led to him being bullied. The stutter was so bad that he almost stopped speaking entirely. 

He's said that he thinks it was triggered by the shock of his father's descent into alcoholism after his family business went bankrupt. His father died of cancer at the age of 40 after years of alcohol abuse and terrorizing his children. 

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3. He was sued for sexual battery. 

This past April, Anna Jane Edmonds sued Andrea for sexual battery and claimed he made unwanted sexual advances during a meeting in 2015. She said he also touched her inappropriately. 

“Throughout the evening,” the lawsuit states, “Iervolino sat next to Plaintiff and engaged in unwelcomed and inappropriate touching and conversations sexual in nature with Plaintiff. Specifically, Iervolino talked to Plaintiff about women’s conduct in the bedroom, showed Plaintiff pornography videos on his phone, and asked Plaintiff to stand up and walk around to show off her legs in front of him."

"He sat beside Plaintiff in the lobby and pressed his head on her shoulder, pressing Plaintiff into the armrest of the couch. Iervolino also asked Plaintiff to spend the night with him, which Plaintiff declined."

When the mutual friend who was there with them during the evening left, Edmonds ordered an Uber home. The suit says Andrea walked out with her. 

“Iervolino then pressed Plaintiff against the Uber vehicle. Without Plaintiff’s permission or consent, Iervolino shoved his hands up Plaintiff’s dress between her legs, and touched her in between her legs and into the crack of her buttocks towards her anus.”

Andrea denied all the claims against him. 

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