This App Is Like Tinder, But For Your Career Instead Of Hookups

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Shapr Is An App Like Tinder But For Career Networking

Whether you’ve sampled dating apps personally or just lived vicariously through friends, you’ve probably heard a few success stories by now. It’s likely that some people you know have made genuine connections through apps, or at the very least, had a fun time meeting someone new. If not, Shapr is here to change that!

It feels really good when people swipe right on your profile, and even better when it leads to an interesting conversation. But why do those interactions have to be limited to just dating apps?

One app has set out to make it fun and easy to meet people through an app, only this time it’s not just for single ladies ready to give swiping right a go. Shapr is an app that works just like Tinder — you know, the swiping, the matching, the messaging. Except instead of embarking on a futile search to find Prince Charming, Shapr lets you swipe right on your career and meet potential collaborators, industry friends, and connections.

Like Tinder, Shapr’s goal is to get you to meet your matches in person, only this time your match is hooking up your next job instead of hooking up with you.

Listen, the job hunt isn’t easy, especially if you’re in a creative field where competition is high and the number of job openings is low in comparison. These days it seems like you can’t even land an interview without “knowing someone.” So if you're hunting for your next role, this could be a superb way to get your foot in the door and learn about what people actually think of their employers.

But the great part about Shapr is that it’s not just for job seekers. A large majority of professionals are there because they are just genuinely trying to meet others who share their interests and would love a conversation with someone in their industry (or an industry they want to learn more about!) over coffee.

“Networking should be a joyful experience because It's about meeting new people. It's not just a trick to generate more sales or find some humdrum job – we see it as a lifestyle,” Shapr’s CEO Ludovic Huraux says on their website. “Connecting regularly with inspiring individuals is the key to a more meaningful, fulfilling, healthy existence.”

Thanks to Shapr, finding your dream job, new mentors, or inspiration for your next career move is literally as easy as swiping your finger.

So here’s how it works. First, you create a profile that focuses on your industry and what your goals are (like finding a new job, an investor, a mentor — whatever you can think of). Shapr’s algorithm then takes that info and uses its super fancy algorithm to send you 10-15 profiles a day that match up with yours.

You then swipe through the profiles and will get notified there is a match if both people hope to connect. The app makes it super easy to start the conversation with built-in icebreakers, and Shapr conversations have ended up leading to job offers, new companies forming, people finding mentors and even a few companies finding funding!

Yes, it’s really that easy and yes, it works! The swiping method is a great way to meet potential romantic interests, so it only makes sense that you should be able to apply it to your career as well. You have big dreams, what better way to make them happen?

So, what are you waiting for? Download Shapr today!

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