The 47 Best Yoga Gifts So You Can Namaste All Day

Namaste all day with these gifts.

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If someone in your life really loves yoga, it's probably a big part of their everyday routine, even beyond the practices they attend. It'll impact everything from what they wear, to the music they listen to, to how they eat and shop.

If you want to get a thoughtful gift that speaks to this important part of their life, it'll be very appreciated and may just give you something new and exciting to enjoy together (even if you yourself are not into yoga). That's why we've compiled a list of the best gifts for yoga lovers.


Whether it's essential oils, gear or clothing, or just something to make their practice more relaxing and comfortable, these are yoga gifts they'll treasure for many months to come. These gifts exist at all price points, so there'll be something fit for anything or anyone you may have in mind.

1. Lulu Dharma Indian Agate Tassel Mala


Every yogi needs a good mala necklace for their daily meditation. This Lulu Dharma Indian Agate Tassel Mala is perfect for the yoga lover looking to balance their yin/yang energy and courage. Indian Agate is a powerful healing stone that gives physical strength and emotional security. Now the yoga lover can show up to class showing off their new mala necklace and all of its energy.

(Lulu Dharma, $76)

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2. Alignmed Sports Posture Bra


These bras improve one’s posture while stimulating nerves and muscle groups, thus making the body work even harder on the wearer's fitness goals. The variable stretch neurobands sewn onto each bra drapes over targeted muscle groups. The controlled resistance goes into effect the moment it is donned and impacts the body even when at rest.

(Alignmed, $95)

3. BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein


Treat your downward-facing dog buddy to some joint relief, with a side serving of healthy skin, hair and nails! BUBS Naturals is a collagen protein powder that can be added to any liquid! Mix 1-2 scoops (20g) into a beverage of choice for joint lubrication, faster recovery, and amino acids that strengthen skin elasticity and support a healthy mane and strong claws.


4. RESPA Better Yoga Sensor


The world's first wearable, easy-to-use breathing sensor. The RESPA app allows for smarter training and practice with real-time alerts for staying in optimal breathing zones. The algorithm interprets breathing data collected by sensors to notify when users should push harder, stay in their sweet spot, or slow down for optimal performance.

(Indiegogo, $199)

5. Retro 51 Yoga Edition Ballpoints


Breathe. Relax. Write. Repeat. Retro 51, creator of fine writing instruments with personality, recently introduced a new line of yoga-inspired pens that remind us to live and write in the moment. Those who practice yoga or meditation will appreciate the Tornado Yoga Edition series, which includes: Bamboo Hamsa and Chakra Tornado. A portion of every purchase is donated to The Arbor Day Foundation to save 250 square feet of rainforest.

(Retro51, $45)

6. K-DEER Signature Stripes Leggings


With more outdoor and hot yoga around the corner, 5 percent of profits from each pair of Stripe leggings sold is donated to a charitable organization chosen by the print’s namesake. K-DEER is renowned for their pill-proof, flattering fit, thanks to their high-quality fabric with single-layer 4-way stretch spandex nylon.

(K-DEER, $98)

7. YogiWear Downward Dog Tie-Up Matching Set


Inspired by the views and colors of South Beach Miami, they make a statement with colorful patterns, unique details like mesh panels with pockets, racerback bras, and side ties to match any personality. YogiWear’s designer/creator, Betty Bonanno, was in an accident that required five surgeries and physical therapy for three years and struggled to find yoga pants that didn’t irritate her scars, so she designed these to feel like a second layer of skin.

(YogiWear, $90)

8. Fierce and Regal 'The Bra'


The Bra offers the support you require in low-high intensity workouts, with strap placement designed to accentuate strong shoulders. Imported from Italy, reversible 2-ply shiny and matte fabric features the signature gold lion on both sides.

(Fierce and Regal, $98)

9. 'Heavily Meditated' Water Bottle from The Body Department


For your zenned out friend that's always hitting yoga class, this "Heavily Meditated" stainless steel water bottle from The Body Department is the perfect accessory both in and outside the studio.

(The Body Department, $19)

10. HEX Performance summer bundle

Whether you're moving your yoga practice outdoors this summer, on the road, or just ramping up classes for the summer beach season, HEX has you covered with their summer bundle. Includes a full size HEX detergent and a travel size HEX detergent as well as HEX Performance Spray & Go.


(HEX Performance, $22)

11. Crane and Lion 7/8 Tight in Camo 

I just wore these pants hiking in Sedona and they are amazing! Totally comfortable and breathable in the heat. It was about 95 degrees and I felt cool in these pants; they would equally be great for hot yoga! They are mid-rise, so they cover everything you want and they stay up while you are moving around.


(Crane and Lion, $95)

12. Lulu DK Hamsa Pendant

What yoga lover doesn’t want a Hamsa? After all, the Hamsa Hand brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. This Lulu DK Hamsa Pendant is classic and chic enough that the yoga lover can wear it all day, even outside of the yoga studio.


(Lulu DK, $88)

13. 2(X)IST Feather Print Mesh Panel Ankle Legging 

We should be real: what we do at the gym comes only after what we wear to the gym. Amp up your workout style in these ultra-stretchy ankle leggings. Semi-sheer mesh panels promote breathability, while contrast piping flatters the leg. They are so cute you'll want to wear them to brunch after. 


(2xist, $52)

14. Motion by Coalition Monica Plunging V-Neck Sports Bra


The sort of bras we'd wear to work out is not what we'd wear with our favorite dress. This sports bra has a thick band with peek-a-boo cut out with thick straps crisscross at the back, giving it a supportive fit. 

(Across Atlas, $36)


15. Lulu DK Breathe Flip Bracelet 

This Lulu DK Breathe Flip Bracelet shows the Earth Witness Buddha on one side and Breathe on the other, which are two important meanings to any yogi. The first thing any yogi learns is how powerful your breathe is in any situation to keep you calm and happy. The Earth Witness Buddha represents enlightenment. This bracelet is the perfect reminder for the yoga lover that enlightenment is always there for you.

(Lulu DK, $68)


16. Life is Good Women’s 'Breathe Deep; Cool V-Neck Tee

Soft yellow tee-shirt with a graphic that features a yogi in lotus position among a group of trees. The text on the tee reads “breathe,” a perfect reminder for a yogi, and the soft cotton-poly blend is perfect for wearing to, from or during practice.

(LifeIsGood, $28)


17. Goddess Garden Aromatherapy Bracelet

The Goddess Garden Aromatherapy bracelets all feature porous lava rock to capture and carry the scent of the blends. Then genuine stones were added with energetic properties. The stones and oils work in tandem to enhance your mood and reinforce your intentions, while the symbolic charms make each bracelet stylish.

(Goddess Garden, $15)


18. Good Earth Coconut Tulsi Melody Herbal Tea

Taking a mindful tea break post-yoga is a great way to continue soothing your soul. Start by opening a container of something special like Good Earth’s new artisanal, award-winder Coconut Tulsi Melody loose leaf tea, which contains the long-revered herb tulsi (also known as “Holy Basil).” Inhale and embrace the full-bodied aroma of coconut dancing with lemon-balm and rose petals.



19. Ponto Performance Pant

These pants are the best both for comfort and athletic style, made out of the softest jersey, modern fit, back zip pocket to keep your belongings safe, it also has a feature that wicks away moisture, and dries quick. Perfect for packing for that next wellness getaway!

(Vuori Clothing, $84)


20. Be Brilliant Bags On-the-Go Tote

Yoga enthusiasts love pockets for their change of clothes (before or after class), the removable plastic case, which some use for shower essentials after a sweaty workout or for damp tights and tanks). The interior pockets let them carry a phone, keys, other must-haves without having to tote another bag.

(BeBrilliantBags, $99)



Kanna is a light, breathable and flexible barefoot movement shoe. Made from vegan materials, Kanna provides a soft, seamless fit, gently hugging the foot while allowing the toes to splay with complete freedom. This allows all the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the foot to seamlessly load, splay and recoil, putting a natural spring in every step, which is the foundation for powerful movement.



22. DrinKup Smart Water Bottle

Through an app and the Smart lid, DrinKup recommends the most appropriate water intake needs according to the user’s height, weight and daily activities. The smart bottle logs the user’s hydration and notifies them when it’s time to DrinKup. It also detects the water temperature and provides a freshness check, reminding the user when the water has gone stale.

(, $69) 


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23. Tani USA Silkcut Leggings

These SilkCut women leggings sale are luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. Knit in Europe with the brilliant fabric Micro Modal® Air, it is actually thinner and even softer than silk.


(TaniUSA, $75)

24. Pai-Shau Texture Dust

Going from plank to swank may actually be possible thanks to Pai-Shau's Texture Dust. If you don't have the time to shower and re-style your hair post-workout, this tea-infused spray refreshes style and adds texture, all without any gross white residue.

(Pai-shau,  $24)


25. Ka Gold Sri Yantra pendant

The structure of the Sri Yantra pendant is one that provides abundance, beauty, and balance between male and female and between spiritual and material. Yantra is a mystical Hindu concept that describes a structure or diagram used to balance or focus the consciousness in order to achieve spiritual comprehension. Wearing the Yantra as a pendant or observing a picture of it is intended to endow one with mystical or spiritual abilities.

(, $114) 


26. Be Well Gift Box

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, this curated gift box is filled with delicious, healing ingredients for inner and outer wellbeing. They’ve paired turmeric-infused edibles with handcrafted and organic food-inspired skincare and wrap everything together in a presentation-worthy pearl silver gift box and bow.

(Pumeli, $85)


27. The Color Mage Oracle 

108 Color Therapy Cards that guides you in opening up your intuition, removing blockages from your life, improving your relationships and realizing your highest potential through color, crystals, and essential oils. It comes with a 60-minute video training class to teach you how to use the deck. 

(The Color Mage, $35)


28. Jewels For Hope Long Diffuser Necklace

We can all use all the good vibes we can get, and essential oils can do just that. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the lava stone, and breathe in deep during your yoga sessions or everyday life! 

(Etsy, $42)

29. SUTRA Superfood Latte


SUTRA boosts your energy naturally through the use of healing superfoods without the negative effects of caffeine. SUTRA Black tastes like a hot cocoa or cookies and cream and contains raw cacao for natural energy, activated charcoal for a light detox, reishi mushroom for increased cognitive function, coconut milk for gut health, cinnamon and cayenne for a metabolism boost, vanilla and de-bittered stevia for a touch of sweetness. 

SUTRA Gold tastes like a spiced chai golden milk and has inflammation fighting turmeric, energy-boosting maca powder, tummy soothing ginger, gut-healing coconut milk, cinnamon and black pepper for a metabolism boost, and vanilla and de-bittered stevia for a touch of sweetness.


30. Soundcast VG1 Speaker


A quality speaker with sound that fills up the room and has great outside range is ideal for playing the tunes that go along with your yoga flow. Compact and portable, this one is perfect for yogis on the go. It's also waterproof and dustproof, great for outdoor sessions.

(GoSoundcast, $150)

31. 'LectroFan/'LectroFan Micro

A white noise sound machine neutralizes unwanted noises, so you can focus on your yoga flow; with 20 unique, non-looping sounds that accommodate to any environment. It also cancels out noisy neighbors, soundproofs rooms for meditating, yoga, etc.

(Sound of Sleep, $50)

32. BURKELMAN Hammam It All Candle

The candle contains notes of tea leaves, linen and Turkish mint. It’s essentially self-care in a candle. A truly dreamy and calming scent with notes of dried tea leaves as they begin to steep, mixing into warm fresh air and ending with a relaxed cooling mint. The candles are hand poured and created in small batches in New York State and are 100 percent soy wax, cold throw candles and are made using domestically grown, sustainable soybeans.

(Shop Burkelman, $38)

33. KEEL Vodka

The world’s first light vodka brand at just 58 calories and 23.8 percent ABV. This spirit pairs perfectly with kombucha, protein water, and other healthy drinks, making for the perfect alternative for those with an active lifestyle who still like to enjoy a cocktail here or there!

(Drizly, starts at $15)

34. Exotics by GuruNanda

This new line of essential oils not only has healing benefits and features rare exotic ingredients, but can also be used as a natural alternative to a chemical-laden perfume. Use them to freshen the air, create a relaxing or invigorating environment, and for specific wellness results depending on which of the oils or blends you select. They are also a natural alternative to perfumes containing synthetic ingredients. 

(Gurunanda, starting at $8)

35. Cynthia Rowland Facial Magic

Yoga is about balance, so adding facial exercise into a yoga practice rounds out a head-to-toe routine. The easy-to-learn, easy-to-perform exercises can be done while seated or standing in minutes a day — each set takes just 35 seconds. Unlike other programs, Facial Magic has no contortions, puckers, twists or repetitive motions that could create new wrinkles and lines. What sets it apart from other programs is that it's based on a 100-year-old French method with proven resistance exercises that actually work, not fad junk science.

(Cynthia Rowland, $100)

36. Lillian & Co. Engraved Quote Bracelets

With sayings like "Beauty Is Found Within," "Wandering Free," and "You Know Who You Are", these bracelets come in 3 finishes (rose gold, silver or gold) and are the PERFECT subtle daily inspiration you can wear on your wrist!

(Lillian and Co, $28)

37. The Asana Pillow: 2-in-1 Neck Pillow and Travel Yoga Mat


A neck pillow for your journey, and a travel yoga mat for your destination. For yoga lovers, it's great because you can use the travel mat while at home as a yoga mat towel to help from slipping and sliding, and bring it "om" the go with you as travel yoga mat! It's machine washable so you never have to worry about it getting dirty. 

(, $60)

38. Balance Crystal Grid

Use this crystal grid of Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Lepidolite to deepen your yoga practice and meditation. These crystals will help to ground you as your energy also expands upwards during your practice.

(EnergyMuse, $30)

39. Dew Puff Facial Cleansing Sponges

The right tools are essential to healthy, fresh skin. This reusable facial sponge is perfect post-practice to soothe, cleanse and moisturize and get on with your their day.

(, $8)

40. B-Aligned Yoga Mat

Stemming from Buti Yoga (a hybrid of primal movement, dynamic asana, and cardio sprints), founder Bizzie Gold created the program's very own yoga mat. What's great about the mat is that it comes with alignment lines that let you know where to place your hands and feet during certain poses.

(ButiYoga, $119)

41. NICOLE ALEX Tessa Tank

This new "luxe leisure" line offering bamboo basics designed to be seamlessly integrated into your active + every day apparel. All tops feature built-in shelf bras, ideal for low-impact activity (yoga!). Along with superior moisture wicking ability, bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and is smell-proof! (i.e., it won't retain any post-bikram body odors.)

(Shop Nicole Alex, $70)

42. SilverSport SilverShaper

The patented SilverShaper roller provides a stimulating workout. The raised geometry on the shaper allows for a deep tissue massage while rolling. This revolutionary addition to your fitness regimen will change the way people use rollers. SilverClean technology provides continuous odor free performance.

(, $60)

43. The Osso Good Co. Whole Body Recovery Cleanse


A bone-broth based cleanse to serve as a gut report, support healthier eating habits and whole body recovery; the cleanse is Certified Paleo, Certified Gluten Free and Whole30 Approved.

(, $78)

44. Nutiva Organic Plant Protein Superfood Smoothies 

Wholesome and nutrient-dense protein supplements crafted with plant-based, USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO ingredients, including a blend of pea, pumpkin seeds, hemp and sunflower plus superfood ingredients like cinnamon, sea salt, berries, spinach, broccoli, carrot and beet; chocolate and vanilla flavors.


45. Xdesk Terra 2

Beyond the occasional chair cat-cow and standing desk pigeon, a standing desk also encourages yogis and health/wellness enthusiasts to stand more and sit less, which puts less strain on the body and back, while offering a variety of benefits on and off the yoga mat, like the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and early death.

(Xdesk, $1547)

46. Teasäne Calm Kit

Help your favorite yoga lover get even more centered with Teasäne’s Calm Kit, a 28-day stress relief regimen that offers natural remedies to help relieve everyday anxiety. The kit comes complete with two bags of tea, a loose-leaf tea strainer, and a bottle of Spirulina Complex. The AM Calm and PM Calm teas are packed with herbs that are rich in antioxidants like Nettle, Fennel, and Rose hip, to rid the body of toxins and promote healthy brain function. 

(Live Teasane, $59)

47. Cat Crib Hammock Lounger

Greg Hora’s invention takes the idea of a catnap to new places — under chairs, stools, and side tables. The Cat Crib is a hammock that attaches to furniture legs, creating a cozy hideaway for feline friends.

(The Grommet, $20)

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